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 As parents, the first few years of our children's life are filled with milestone after milestone to capture….

first smile, first haircut, first step, first loose tooth.

We have picture after picture of all the firsts and looking back at them can automatically makes us remember.

We remember the endless sleepless nights, those first wobbly steps taken across the living room floor, planning the first birthday party and the excitement of picking out what they’ll wear on the first day of school.

But, soon the firsts end, and the days begin to blur together in a haze of activity. Dance lessons and baseball games. Homework and STAR testing. Field trips and summer vacations. Soon, we stop preparing for the beginnings and start anticipating the endings… the end of elementary school, the end of junior high, the end of high school….

But what comes in between the multitude of beginnings and those inevitable endings?

Let’s be honest here….we ALL remember the in between stage. And it’s filled with a whole lot of awkwardness… Braces, glasses, shy smiles...

Under all that awkwardness is so much BEAUTY, so much personality, waiting to come out.

These are the days…. the days that will shape our boys and girls into the men and women they will be. The days they will spend adjusting to a bigger school, getting used to new teachers, discovering their likes and dislikes, finding their core group of friends.


It is such a beautiful, brief period of time, and it’s often over looked as we race from one beginning to another ending….

Yet, it’s this in between stage that will ultimately shape and define our children, just as it did us.

Let’s not forget to stop and capture it.


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Jun 02, 2014

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Nov 27, 2013
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Feb 28, 2013

{several iPhone pictures are included in this post}

I will remember the moment I found out I was pregnant with every one of my girls. It's etched in my brain, and even just recalling it brings butterflies to my stomach. It is such a surreal feeling to go from the second of thinking you are just "you" to realizing you have a little life growing inside. With each positive test, I screamed out loud, because even if you are expecting to see that little plus sign (or hoping real hard) it is still a shocker when it is there staring you in the face.

With Hannah, it was slightly more shocking than the others. I called Bob right away, and he just laughed hysterically. No words, just laughing. I hung up and had to call him back, not really sure how to take his response.

A few weeks later, on the 4th of July, we announced it to the world. Well, to the Facebook world.


I had the usual bouts of morning sickness, but nothing like what I experienced with Madison. For that I was thankful. I popped out WAY quicker than I did with her sisters, and if one more person asked me if I was overdue 2 months before my due date I might have cried.  (picture below courtesy of my mom).


My birth story was a nightmare, and I will spare you the long details and just say she arrived, safe & sound, days (literally) after they started the induction. We were lucky enough to have a fantastic birth photographer, Jade, there to capture it all. Her birth story & pictures can be found here.

We had no idea just what this little girl would add to our world. The second she arrived we fell in love all over again, and our family was truly complete.




Her sisters were smitten, as well. They immediately jumped into the role of mommy's helper, a little too much at times. There was no jealousy, no anger, just love. Lots and lots of love.


We had our "days", adjusting to a life where the adults are outnumbered by the kids. Days where Bob would come home and the house would be just pure chaos, or he would find me crying in my room as I struggled nursing. There were times where I questioned my ability to do it "all".  That's what grandmas, papas, sisters, aunties, uncles, great grammys and some wonderful friends are for. And we are so blessed to have so many close by.

As the year flew by, I tried to take in every little moment with my last baby that I could. Her first steps, first tooth, first word. They were all the last of the "firsts".

collage 1

collage 2


As I look down at her sleeping beside me right now it's hard to remember life without her. At the same time, it seems like just yesterday we were anticipating her arrival, trying to guess which one of her sisters she would look like (clearly she is Sophia's twin) and how much she would weigh (let's not even go there). In just a few short hours the newborn I could snuggle in the nook of my neck will be one.


Hannah Reese, you have added SO SO much to our world. I love you more than I ever thought possible. Happy 1st birthday my baby girl!!


Sep 28, 2012

My first little girl turns 6 on Sunday.  I can remember the moment she was born so clearly.  I can remember the doctor laying her in my arms after what seemed like forever and that realization that we got to take her home with us. I was forever responsible for this little life. What a scary and surreal moment.

I question my decisions every day. The little things- should I really send another Uncrustable in her lunch this week instead of a nice, healthy home made sandwich? (the answer to that one after a sleepless night was a loud yes) as much as the big ones-   am I letting her become her own person, am I spending enough one on one time with her, does she feel safe and secure?

Every mom does this, I know, but there is something about your first born that makes you question it all a little more. This time last year we made the decision not to start kindergarten yet. She made the cut off, but barely. She was shy, still very unsure of new situations, and her confidence needed a little boost. I might not always make the best decisions with what to pack in her lunchbox, but holding her back a year was definitely one of the best ones we have made.

This six year old girl is about a thousand times more confident than the 5 year old I remember last year. She was actually disappointed to hear they didn't stay at school for lunch the first few weeks of school and has asked several times if she could stay for daycare after school some time.

But at night, when we tuck her into bed, she still requires the same routine she has needed for years to fall asleep. A story, a kiss, snug as a bug tuck in and a loud "MWAAH Mommy!!". If I don't respond back with "MWAAH!" or if some part of the routine was not quite perfect we have to start over. That's the baby in her coming out, and when she shows up next to my bedside in the middle of the night because she had a bad dream or when I find her sleeping on the bottom bunk with her little sister the next morning it makes me feel good. My baby is still in there.

She has the biggest heart, always concerned about her sisters, especially Madison. If she gets a treat at school the first thing she does when she gets home is shares it with her little sister. Melts my heart every time.

This weekend we will celebrate. She opted for a family party this year with a special outing instead of a big friend party, so we will see where that takes us. Her one big request was dinner at Shogun. She has mastered chopsticks and wants to show off her new skill to the rest of the family.

Happy birthday my sweet little girl. I love you more than you will ever know.

When Frances booked her maternity session she mentioned she had a DVF dress she wanted to wear, and we immediately began planning. I knew this spot would be perfect for what she had in mind. I adore Frances & her family, and I had to get lots of pictures of Ethan and Sabrina before their new little brother Parker arrives.

I can't wait to meet baby Parker. I am sure he will be just as ridiculously good looking as the rest of this bunch.

Thanks Erwin & Frances!