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I photographed this sweet couple in January. Just 4 days later, their beautiful twin girls arrived! Vibiana and Vivienne were born at just 31 weeks and spent some time in the NICU. We finally got a session in of them at nearly 5 months old. What little miracles they are! It is amazing how they have thrived - you would never guess they were born so early. I enjoyed every minute with this family and wanted to share some pictures from their maternity session as well as the "newborn" session. We ordered a great big album of all of their pictures- what a treasure that will be for them.


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Apr 01, 2015

The most important part of my job as a photographer, besides making my clients happy, is staying fresh. Nurturing my creative side. Always pushing myself beyond the comfort zone of my favorite locations and exploring places I don't usually venture out to. To do this, I often will shoot just for me. Inspired by my new logo (thank you, Becky!), I decided it was time for a "me" shoot and asked my friend Christi to bring along her super adorable little guy, Rhys. Because two heads of curls is way more fun than one.  The kids had a great time painting and I satisfied my creative side. For now, at least.

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Oct 06, 2014

I shoot Abigail all the time, but this session in particular I adored. She looks so grown up! I love that I get to see her so much - she is such a special girl.

Love you Abigail! RA6A4009-Edit RA6A4196-Edit RA6A4036-Edit

RA6A4207 RA6A4110-Edit RA6A4002-Edit RA6A4219-Edit

It's become a tradition to take a group Halloween picture of our three with my niece and nephews every Halloween. I have to say, wrangling this group when they aren't covered in makeup that smears is hard enough.  Add that, the wind factor, the fact that we were coming off a lonnnng weekend and they  were all starving...and I have to say it might have been the hardest yet. But these kids know how to work the camera, and I am glad we still got some fun pictures to keep this tradition alive. They enjoy it, and they are almost as excited as I am to see the finished pictures.

Our Superheroes.

Clark Kent, Superman, Captain America, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman & Bat Girl.

Fun fact: Jordan told me it was not right to shoot Superman and Clark Kent in the same picture because they are the same person. In fact, he said it would be like taking a picture of Jesus and God at the same time. He also thought it was inappropriate that his COUSIN was Wonder Woman- because that is Superman's girlfriend. I love how his little mind works.

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Now for info on this year's Halloween Mini Sessions for YOUR kids!

Please read ALL the way through the information before booking!

Cost: $125 for 10 minutes and 5 digitals (although I am known to throw in more if there are some really cute ones.All depends on what we can get in the short time we have!). You only need to book one spot for siblings but I do not allow cousins/friends to share a time for these. You may book back to back time slots if you want cousin pictures together, though!

Children MUST come in costume. No exceptions.

To book a mini session email with the time of day you would like – MORNING or AFTERNOON on Sunday, October 26th.  I will email you back the time slots available and a link to pay to secure your time. Please be patient while I am responding to emails. PLEASE email me- when I get texts, facebook messages, comments on the blog/facebook/instagram and phone calls it can get really overwhelming. If I just have emails to respond to it is so much easier. I really appreciate your help with this!!

Due to the nature of these sessions I only allow babies that can sit on their own, held by a sibling or can be propped against a haystack.

Feel free to email with any questions. I can’t wait to see all the cute costumes this year!

xoxo Amy

Sep 19, 2014

This little guy turned two not too long ago! He is such a happy, fun kid with the best personality, and I love that I have watched him grow over the last few years! Every session with Sarah & Joel is relaxed and easy, even if we are taking turns wrangling Hank in between our chatter. I think this was my favorite session to date of Hank. I love that he still has "baby cheeks" and the spark in his eyes that shows his true personality. Thank you Sarah & Joel. Always a good time 🙂


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Jul 02, 2014

I had so much fun with these that I am adding another day! I am now booking for Saturday, July 19th between 11am and 7pm. The cost is $250 for a 20 minute session with 10 digitals included.

 I just loved watching all these cuties play! They had such a blast and truly enjoyed these.

I want to thank Suzy & Gilbert at Elements Natural Foods for supplying all the yummy fruit! Go check out their store & grab a smoothie while you are there- they are delicious!

Thank you to all those that came out! I am so excited to share them all with you!

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Apr 22, 2014

This sweetie turned 2, and we had a blast at her session! Those curls just kill me! What a beauty. Thank you Suzy!!




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Awhile back, I promised a blog post on photographing your little ones while they sleep.  So, here it is- all the tips you need to know (and some pretty pictures to go along with them).

Five Steps to Sleepy Photographs.

1. Clear the clutter before hand. While I try not to "stage" my pictures, I do take steps to make sure that the end result will be a simple, beautiful picture. No, I don't make my bed or pick up my room or the kids room every day, but when I know I want a good picture during a nap or after they go to bed, I will take a few minutes to clear off the millions of stuffed animals and  throw a fresh blanket down. With that said, there ARE times where I want to capture life as it is, and on those days I might not take the effort to do these things. Life isn't perfect, so every single picture doesn't have to be. I also embrace the mess, the sticky faces, the clutter and chaos. Shoot what you want to remember.


2. Turn off your flash! It will wake the sleeping kid, for one thing, but it also can wash out the picture and take away from that dreamy mood. However, you still need a light source of some kind, so decide what that is before you shoot. Often times I will have my husband point his iPhone flashlight at my subject. Leave a hall light on bright to get some light in the room, or if it is nap time open the curtains a little. My light source for this picture was coming from the right side (a window) and enhanced a bit in post processing.


3. Raise your ISO and embrace the grain! There is no way around it. Unless you are shooting at nap time during daylight and have some natural light flowing in, you will need to crank up that ISO. It's ok! A little noise in your picture helps give it that more moody look. There are also plenty of editing programs out there that can take the noise out of your picture (I use Lightroom to reduce noise in my own).


4. Shoot as wide open as your lens will let you to allow more light in. Since your ISO is already high, you will most likely need to get light from another source. You can slow your shutter down since your subject isn't moving, but shooting wide open will provide  you with that nice, creamy blur behind your subject.


5. The color white. Those that have taken my workshops know how fanatical I am about the color white. My bedspread used to be purple. Last year I went out and purchased all new white bedding. It helps reflect light and eliminates color casts from colored blankets. I love photographing my kids on my bed even when it isn't bedtime, and I knew this would make me love those pictures even more. You don't have to go out and buy new bedding, but even just throwing down a white blanket or having them sleep on a white sheet can help get a little more light in your picture.


I don't limit my bedroom shooting to bedtime. I actually LOVE to use my bed and the girls love me letting them jump around in their pajamas. I challenge you all to take your camera out at least once this week and see what you get! I also love using my iPhone for bedtime pictures. Have fun with it! I would love to see what you get, so tag me in your pictures or send me an email. Have fun!

RA6A4426-Edit RA6A8498-Edit RA6A8572-Edit-2

xoxo Amy

I was lucky enough to have the fabulous Jade of The Letter B Photography photograph Hannah's birth, and now it is her turn to pop another baby out! This family has SO much style! Rory & Quinn, two year old twins, are just the funniest little things, and their mom & dad seem to have fun no matter what they are doing. I could go on and on about how much I adore them all. I am so happy we got to squeeze this in before the next babe makes his/her debut! Thank you Johnny and Jade- you guys rock!

  20130914-RA6A5335 20130914-RA6A5365 20130914-RA6A5408 20130914-RA6A5414 20130914-RA6A5476-Edit 20130914-RA6A5523 20130914-RA6A5538 20130914-RA6A5565 20130914-RA6A5589 20130914-RA6A5612 20130914-RA6A5625 20130914-RA6A5712-Edit-Edit 20130914-RA6A5766 20130914-RA6A5785 20130914-RA6A5813 20130914-RA6A5827 20130914-RA6A5946 20130914-RA6A5964 20130914-RA6A5984 20130914-RA6A6028 20130914-RA6A6045-Edit 20130914-RA6A6059 20130914-RA6A6100-2 20130914-RA6A6145-Edit
Sep 25, 2013

Oh mi gosh, this family. I just love them! We had lots planned for Dominic's 1 year session, and he was so good we got through *almost* everything! His eyes just kill me!! And then there are his big sisters, Daniella & Riley, who I have been photographing since they were little and can't believe how grown up they seem now. We had a great time, and we got a lot of really fun pictures. Thank you Chris & Stephanie!!



When I grow up I want to be just like daddy...20130906-RA6A3863 20130906-RA6A3905 20130906-RA6A3911 20130906-RA6A3921 20130906-RA6A3963 20130906-RA6A3974 20130906-RA6A3990 20130906-RA6A4011 20130906-RA6A4027-Edit 20130906-RA6A4031 20130906-RA6A4081 20130906-RA6A4121

Mommy & daddy requested a few pictures of him in his dirt bike gear. It won't be long before he is riding!20130906-RA6A4168 20130906-RA6A4171 20130906-RA6A4210 20130906-RA6A4221 20130906-RA6A4229 20130906-RA6A4235 20130906-RA6A4236

I told you those eyes were killer!!20130906-RA6A4242 20130906-RA6A4249 20130906-RA6A4254 20130906-RA6A4256 20130906-RA6A4262