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I photographed beautiful Avery just hours old and was so lucky to get to see her again for her newborn pictures and Jewish baby naming ceremony. This precious baby has stolen my heart. The day was beautiful. She was passed around between relatives and friends that love her so very much, and it was an honor to witness such a special occasion.

Kim & Josh, thank you! I truly enjoyed the day at your house! xxoo

All this playing tires a baby out!!

Yep, that’s it. I am done.

baby avery

two days new

7 lbs. 12 oz.

the most perfect cheeks i have ever seen!

please say a prayer for her momma who had complications after the birth. praying she has her sweet baby girl back in her arms soon!

This 4 day new little girl melted my heart.

Shooting newborns is much easier in a controlled environment, where I know the light, the backdrops available, the space I have. But lately, I have been branching out of my comfort zone and shooting newborns in their own home. While it can be a little trickier, it is also so neat to be able to use their own room, blankets, chairs. It’s much more personal, and the moms seem to like not having to leave their house and take baby out so early.

Austyn’s home has some very vintage Western pieces, and her adorable cowgirl room is one of the most creative newborn nurseries I have seen. We used a lot of these colors and patterns in her pictures.

Miss Sandy, Sophia’s preschool teacher, welcomed a beautiful granddaughter into their family just a few weeks ago. I was so lucky to get to meet her & take a few pictures of the family together.

Alyson’s big brothers were so good with her! Such sweet kids!

All the pictures must have tired this little angel out!

Congratulations Dilly family- she is just perfect!!

I got to cuddle this sweet little babe a few weeks ago, but her pictures were a surprise for daddy so we couldn’t share.

Meet Ashley, my beautiful friend Joycee’s new little princess and one of the prettiest newborns I have ever seen. Her eyes just sparkle!

Joycee, meeting your new girl & catching up with you was so much fun! I can’t wait to see you again soon!


We were in middle school when we met at church. We went to different schools, lived about 15 minutes apart and weren’t exactly sure of each other at first. Our moms kept encouraging us to be friends, & once we discovered our mutual love for NKOTB, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups & Dr. Pepper a friendship was born. From that day on, we were all pretty inseparable- my little sister, Megan & I could often be found at Brooke, Jenny or Kayla’s houses or all of them at ours, staying up all night playing Mall Madness and talking about boys.

Our dreams consisted of the day we would be allowed to go to a concert without our parents, have our own telephone line in our bedroom & get our license so we didn’t have to beg for a ride to the mall on Saturdays. We started high school, and although we weren’t at the same school we remained close. These girls were more like sisters, really. We cheered each other on as we took our behind the wheel tests (some of us needed more cheering then others- not naming names Megan), sent each other off to our high school’s formal dances, and proudly watched from the stands of each others graduations.

We didn’t attend the same college, but we talked on a regular basis- sometimes every day, sometimes weekly. No matter what, when the other one needed something we dropped what we were doing and we were there. Because that is what a best friend does.

We cried together when our hearts were broken for the first time, and wiped away tears of joy together on our wedding days.

My girls know her as Auntie Jenny, because she has been in their life from day one, loving on them when they were just minutes old. And I can’t wait for my turn to be Auntie to her little one. Everyone needs a friend like Jenny in their life. She will make an amazing momma, and we celebrated her & her baby to “bee” last weekend.

Megan coordinated the shower, and because Jenny is loved by so many there were tons of family & friends that helped pull this beautiful event off. Jenny & her husband Eric decided not to find out what they are having, hence the theme “What will it bee”.

Jenny’s sister-in-law, Michelle, put together the adorable words of advice board. I love this!

My very talented mom was in charge of cake pops. This led to an entire dessert table that was simply amazing. Because all who know Jenny can tell you that dessert is definitely the way to her heart!

Eric’s parents backyard made for the perfect location. The little details Charlene & Michelle added to decorate the tables & patio were so much fun! Another friend, Julie, made an early stop at the flower mart that morning, Jenny’s mom, Debbie made her mouth watering appetizers, and Danielle came up with the cutest muffin centerpieces for the tables. So many people contributed to make it such a beautiful day!

The girls with their Auntie Jen

Bacon wrapped weenies. I could eat them all day long.

Jenny’s niece Katelynn, such a fantastic little helper!

Oh Jenny, I am so happy for you & Eric. I can’t wait to meet your new little babe and spend many more years celebrating life together!


I have had the pleasure of photographing Connor on a few different occasions, and I am excited to introduce the newest member of his family, Emilee.

Connor had just woken up from an afternoon nap when I arrived at their home and was in a playful mood, excited to show me his new room, cars, trucks & trains.

Once we had played with just about all his toys, I switched gears from loud, crazy, boy fun to soothing this precious baby girl for her first photo session.

We were lucky enough to get the best of both worlds- the classic sleepy newborn pictures but also the chance to see her beautiful big eyes.

I went to high school with their mom, Brandy, and to watch her now with her babies is just beautiful. You can just see the love of a mama in these pictures.

Congratulations on your newest addition, Tolman family! xxoo

I shared a few peeks of sweet Maverick before Mothers Day, but wanted to share a few others from this session. I really love going to my client’s homes for newborn sessions. It really gives it such an intimate feel, and the family seems to be more relaxed. The natural light in this home was beautiful, which really helped out, too.

Maverick’s mom was over today for her ordering session and told me how Maverick has changed so much in just the short time since his session!

Tiffany & Ben, it was a pleasure meeting you both, and I can’t wait to take more pictures of sweet Maverick over the years!

May 07, 2011

I have been in an editing lock down the last few days. And while I still have a long way to go, I want to share a few peeks at sessions from this week for these mamas this Mothers Day weekend.

This first session was exhausting. Five boys ages 5 & under. Enough said!

No, but really, it was a lot of fun, and these adorable faces were just too much! I couldn’t stop smiling editing this bunch of pictures.

This next family was adorable. Love at first sight when I saw the matching red shoes, but the shirt their mom put on for a few pictures at the end of the session just put me over the top.

And little Maverick. Just 5 weeks old. Usually this age can be a challenge, since they aren’t sleeping 20 hours a day anymore like the first few weeks. Not this little one. He was the perfect model. We did this session at his house, which I love because I can use his own things and get more intimate shots than I can in a studio setting.

Baby toes. Yum.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating Mothers Day!