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Jul 31, 2016

I am still in pajamas, letting the ac blast, listening to the kids play in the other room as I cross a few things off my to do list and start to mentally prepare for the next few weeks. I have mixed feelings about summer ending. I will miss the late nights, sleeping in and lack of schedule. I will also welcome back the routine that keeps us all running smooth around here.

If you ask the girls how their summer was, they will tell you it was awesome. We took a trip to see Paul graduate from college, celebrated lots of birthdays, flew to Colorado for our own family pictures (BEST experience ever!) and finished it out with the best family reunion in Bear Lake, Utah we could have ever imagined. Our family of 15 piled into a 5,000 sq foot house and spent a week with extended family from all over the US. We got to see our cousins, aunts and uncles. We played games outside, late night poker games, rented boats (the kids got to fly across the lake on inter tubes for the first time ever. Pretty sure that was the highlight of their week!) and had coffee (and wine!) on the deck overlooking the gorgeous scenery. We don't get to visit often, but as soon as we are together again it is like no time has passed. The kids became best friends with cousins they have never even met, and the end of the week came way too fast.  We came home with a few new freckles and a lot of great memories.

Since a blog post isn't complete without pretty pictures, here are  just some of my favorites from our summer.



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I love when I get to photograph families that mean a lot to me! We had been planning this session for months, and had to keep postponing due to weather and other things that got in the way. We finally made it out to Bolsa Chica, a spot that is special to the Tibbetts family, and the skies were gorgeous (although a little windy!).

There are several I love from this session, but the last image is my favorite. Even the bird cooperated!

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May 26, 2016

This beach session made me happy. It doesn't really need a lot of words, so I will just leave you with these pictures.

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I photographed my last family of the year tonight. I walked away with a little sense of completion, like the last check off the list at the end of the year for me. Really, it seems kind of silly since it isn't like I am taking time off or anything is changing, but the end of the year seems to mark an end to something. A good time to look back and reflect. A time to look forward and set new goals.

I started to pull pictures for this blog post, and as I went through them all I felt an overwhelming since of gratitude. It is so special to be able to watch your children grow, to feel like I am a part of memories that are going to be passed down for years. The love I have for you all is crazy. I know how lucky I am to do this job and I appreciate you all more than you know!

There are a lot of pictures in this post, but I just couldn't narrow it down any more. I hope you enjoy looking back over the last year of Amy Salessi Photography sessions! Thank YOU and Happy New Year!

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Jan 29, 2015

If you have followed me for awhile, you will recognize these faces!  The Copeland's are the family behind The Cake Mamas, and I have had the privilege of working with them several times over the last few years. In fact, if you haven't been in there, go check out their cakes & cupcakes (the Banana Cream Pie is ahmaaazing) and you will get to see some of my pictures decorating their store, too!

Janelle & Eddie just celebrated their 10 year anniversary, and they wanted a photo shoot. Not just a regular anniversary session, though. They wanted pictures they never got when they were married and they wanted their daughters, Jasmyn, Kaylah and Jordan, to be included. Eddie & Janelle are two of the most passionate, hard working people I know. Their life is busy and full, but their love is definitely the center of it all. As we were talking about just this and their vision for the shoot, we decided the inspiration would be how in the middle of the chaos of life, their love stands still. What better place to photograph this then smack in the middle of Sunset Blvd in Hollywood at rush hour on a Friday night? It was ambitious of us, and I was crazy nervous that we wouldn't be able to pull it off. We stopped traffic a few times (thank you Nikki for having my back!), pushed through crowded streets and ended up with some amazing shots.

Thank you for trusting my vision, Janelle & Eddie. I am so happy to give you pictures you waited 10 years to have! Can't wait to photograph the next 10!



RA6A0473-Edit Untitled-4 Untitled-3 Untitled-2 RA6A0689-Edit RA6A0465-Edit RA6A0447-Edit-2 RA6A0579-Edit RA6A0587-Edit RA6A1037-Edit RA6A0810-Edit RA6A0988-Edit RA6A1001-Edit RA6A0828-Edit RA6A1035-Edit RA6A1056-Edit RA6A1078-Edit Untitled-1 RA6A1101-Edit RA6A0443-Edit-2  

I love looking back at all my client sessions from the year and seeing just what I have accomplished. We photographers are hard on ourselves. We critique our own work harder than anyone, we constantly compare ourselves to what we see on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. We never feel like we are going to be as good as that one photographer that we just love.

Photographers out there reading this, I challenge you to look back on YOUR year. It really is an eye opener. Just look at what we can do in ONE year! Feel good about it. Be proud!

My own accomplishments include 63 full sessions, 85 mini sessions, 2 births, 3 hospital sessions, 1 vow renewal and a really amazing wedding.

But we all know the numbers mean nothing. What I am most proud of is how I stretched myself this  year. Left my comfort zone and took on sessions that were a challenge, creatively. When I look back on my year I want to see change and I want to see something different at every session. I want to see color. Emotion. Love. I want my photographs to move you like they move me.

I love what I do, but more than that I love what I am GOING to do. I love that the possibilities are endless! I love the sessions I have already planned in my head for this year.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. I say it every year, but seriously I am SO grateful for YOU making it possible for me to do this.

So...take a look back with me at the year, and let's start planning how to fill up the canvas for next year.



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Dec 22, 2014

This session was completed months ago, but I had to patiently wait until after cards went out to show you all. So glad I finally can! These boys have killer style, and they always rock their sessions, but this one in particular has to be one of my all time favorites. I love these boys!!

RA6A2865-Edit RA6A2803-Edit RA6A2781-Edit RA6A2751-Edit RA6A2735-Edit RA6A2577-Edit RA6A2612-Edit-2 RA6A2946-Edit RA6A2715-Edit-2 RA6A2794-Edit RA6A2732-Edit-2 RA6A2774-Edit RA6A2740-Edit RA6A2992-Edit RA6A2999-Edit copy RA6A2979

 I knew the first time I walked in the Chuy's new home that it was made for a lifestyle session. Not only does Frances have an eye for decorating but the light in the backyard is just killer at sunset.

Thankfully, Frances & Erwin agreed to let me change up our yearly holiday portrait session, and we started planning this months in advance. I am so happy with how much we were able to squeeze in to just a two hour shoot- a pajama party, baking cookies (and Parker stealing them!), portraits in their formal living room, & decorating a little tree in their backyard. The kids were all so excited and really had fun, which is the secret to getting good pictures. And I think we got a lot of good ones!

If you have an idea for your own family please don't hesitate to share it! I love doing in home sessions like these!

So...a few (or a lot) of sneak peeks. Be prepared to get in the Christmas spirit!

RA6A9905-EditkidsinpjsjumpRA6A9921-EditfrancesRA6A99682 1Untitled-1RA6A0119-EditRA6A0187 RA6A0154-Edit RA6A0202-EditethansabrinaetRA6A0262-EditstairsRA6A0399-EditRA6A0425-EditRA6A0415-Edit RA6A0465outsideRA6A0620-Edit RA6A0590-Edit RA6A0578-Edit
Nov 17, 2014

I love photographing this family, and this session was seriously a dream. Gwen was SO good, she lasted way longer than most toddlers do. This gave us the opportunity to really walk around and get a lot of shots, and I found some new little nooks in the area I had not discovered before. I love shooting downtown. Thanks Brenda & Alfred, and thank you Vivian & Brendon for helping with Fozzie (best dog ever!).

RA6A9196-Edit  RA6A9570-Edit RA6A9501-Edit odell RA6A9403-Edit RA6A9242-Edit RA6A9150-Edit RA6A9205-Edit RA6A9406-Edit RA6A9727-Edit
Oct 28, 2014

I am packaging up this families gorgeous prints today, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites on here. Sophia & Madison go to school with Dominic & Dylan, so taking their family pictures was fun for me since I already knew their silly personalities. They are just the sweetest family, and I am so happy we captured their love in this session.


RA6A8085-Edit RA6A8164-Edit RA6A8375-Edit RA6A8194-Edit RA6A8450-Edit

RA6A8628-Edit RA6A8494-Edit