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I love when I get to photograph families that mean a lot to me! We had been planning this session for months, and had to keep postponing due to weather and other things that got in the way. We finally made it out to Bolsa Chica, a spot that is special to the Tibbetts family, and the skies were gorgeous (although a little windy!).

There are several I love from this session, but the last image is my favorite. Even the bird cooperated!

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May 26, 2016

This beach session made me happy. It doesn't really need a lot of words, so I will just leave you with these pictures.

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Jul 19, 2015

I am going to be an auntie again and can't wait! A new little girl to snuggle, take in her sweet newborn smell, shop for...and send home with Tim & Brit! That sounds perfect to me!

Brit looks amazing, so we had to get some pictures of her perfect belly. I figured I better post these before she goes into labor!

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I didn't get to share our personal pictures from the summer on here yet, so here they are. Almost 3 months squished down into one post of some of my favorite memories.

This girl. She did her very best to keep up with her sisters. She has NO fear. She runs into the pool. Seriously. Like right off the edge. (We don't let go of her for this reason and she wears a puddle jumper every second we are out there). She is going to be my wild one. This I am sure of.  Good thing she is so cute.

  20130701-RA6A3619 20130531-RA6A8708 20130817-RA6A1739 20130809-RA6A9567-Edit 20130806-RA6A9556-Edit-Edit

Then there is our little mellow Brayden, who got to experience his first 4th of July. He's just thrilled can't you tell? Megan & Ryan got an easy one this time around. He is just a happy baby boy. Love this nephew of mine!20130704-RA6A3727

The La Verne 4th of July parade is always one of the highlights of summer for us. I love our little town. 20130704-RA6A3757 20130704-RA6A3799 20130704-RA6A3876

Sophia learned how to read towards the end of kindergarten, and by summer she was reading chapter books, or anything else she could get her hands on, nonstop. This was at the firework show. Hundreds of people, a loud band, dancing, and she can tune it all out. She is in her own little world with a book in her hands. I love it.


Sophia, Madison & Aubrey were escorted by their daddies to a very fancy Princess Prom. They thought this was the best night ever, danced their little hearts out and are still talking about it. What a special night for them!

RA6A1203-Edit-Edit RA6A1122-Edit

We vacationed to San Diego for 5 days and got to visit with some really great friends while we were there. We stayed at an awesome resort (La Costa - highly recommend it!), swam, roasted marshmellows, went to the zoo, won a little cash at the horse races, and got some time in at the beach for pictures.20130727-RA6A8177 20130727-RA6A8186-Edit 20130727-RA6A8190 20130729-RA6A8291 20130729-RA6A8316 20130729-RA6A8350 20130729-RA6A8507 20130729-RA6A8621-Edit-Edit

How cool is this? Thank you Mel for chasing this down so we could watch and get some fun pictures! Thank you even more for not forcing me to go up in one! ha!20130730-RA6A8879 20130730-RA6A8893 20130731-RA6A8913 20130801-RA6A8980

If you know my dad you know just how happy this day made him. Teaching his grandkids the ropes. Jordan happens to be a natural at it and is still "reading" his racing form before bed. 20130801-RA6A8999

We celebrated Linley's birthday at the zoo. She is two!! Her little sister will be here in the next few weeks, and I can't wait to witness her birth  just like I got to see this beautiful girl arrive into the world!

20130825-RA6A2853 20130825-RA6A2879

And just a few shots of the girls to document the end of summer. They are growing up way too fast. 20130804-RA6A9063-Edit-Edit 20130804-RA6A9200-Edit 20130804-RA6A9227-Edit

My mom put together a Back to School scavenger hunt for all the grandkids. She left clues all around her house, and the final clue led them to the playhouse in their backyard where all their school supplies were hiding. She even included Hannah & Jordan, making them their own special little baskets. Yes, we know how lucky we are to have her! Seriously, this deserves a post all in it's own, but here are just a few from that day.

20130817-RA6A1548 20130817-RA6A1540 20130817-RA6A1577 20130817-RA6A1583 20130817-RA6A1598

The first day of school this year! My big kindergartner and first grader! Hannah is lost without them, but we are slowly adjusting. It's by no means a "quiet" house without them (see Hannah's pictures above) but it is definitely strange only having one home with me in the mornings! 20130819-RA6A2254-Edit

And now we roll into fall! I hope at least. This summer heat has been TOO much! I am ready for fall leaves, pumpkin candles & chili in the crockpot!

Goodbye Summer!!


Aug 25, 2012
Jul 29, 2012

I had such a blast in Pasadena shooting Kaedyn's senior pictures. Aside from being gorgeous, she is a total sweetheart. Every outfit she changed in to looked perfect on her, and the downtown city vibe was the perfect background.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from our session.

Thanks Kaedyn!!


Dec 17, 2011

Perfect light for an evening beach session. The weather however, not so perfect. This might have been the coldest I have ever been at a session! DeLacey & Kyle, enjoy your pictures. I am so excited to see the huge canvas you picked out!

I got to meet this family in Malibu, a little change of scenery for me that made me very excited. You never know what you are going to get at the beach this time of year, and this particular day was a little tricky with the sun popping behind the clouds every couple minutes. I love the colors in this session. I think they really give it more of a winter time beach look. The cold water didn't stop Ava & Brynne from splashing around. They had a blast and reminded me so much of my own two playing together.

Stacey & Steve, enjoy your pictures. It was so great hanging out with you all!


I used to avoid beach sessions at all costs. They are hard. Lighting is harsh, and shadows are a photographers worse nightmare. But lately I have been embracing them. Taking them on as often as I can, learning from each one. I am starting to fall in love with them.

Dana Point was breathtaking this weekend. The way the sun bounces off the canyon and spills light on the beach below is just dreamy (a word I think I must have used about fifty times during this shoot).

Add in this gorgeous family (who were such a blast to work with) and you get some pretty special images.

Thank you Colley/Harper family for a wonderful afternoon!