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I recently shared a beach session of the Jacobsen/Thompson family at the beach here. I got to go back and see Jana & her family with the Jacobsen side recently and take some more pictures. It's amazing to see the difference a little sun can make. These pictures were taken only a few miles from each other at the same time of day, but the first session was on a bright, sunny day and this one was a very overcast morning. I love the moodiness of these in comparison to the bright colors from our last shoot. And these faces- what an adorable group! I could have posted so many more, but I do want some to be a surprise, so here some of my favorites.


Another fun beach session to share! The Thompson/Jacobsen families rented a beach house, right on the sand in Newport, and while they were there wanted pictures of the family together on the beach. It was a gorgeous day out, and aside from having to strategically pose them so the hundreds of junior lifeguards that were training in the exact same spot weren't in the background of every picture, we had a great time.

Perfect way to end the morning- an ice cream sandwich!

I first met Everett and his parents, Matt & Emily, a few months ago. Our first session was at the beach, on a beautiful night. It wasn't too crowded, the weather was perfect, and the sunset was amazing.

Poor Everett, though, wasn't feeling so hot. We could only get a few pictures in before he was so hysterical we had to stop. I was bummed out, as were his mom & dad. So we rescheduled for another day, this time in a location quite the opposite of the beach.

Even though our time at the beach was short, we did manage to get a few fun ones around Balboa & on the sand.

When they showed up for our 2nd session, Everett was wearing this adorable hat. love love love!

Finally, a SMILE! Sucess!!

Matt & Emily, thank you! It was great meeting you, and I look forward to watching Everett grow!

May 02, 2011

I placed a new order for a Beach Scentsy brick, the a/c has been running all day (shhh don't tell Bob), and the number of flip flops and sandals left on the porch definitely out number the rain boots and tennis shoes.

But the #1 sign summer is approaching? The amount of you requesting beach sessions in the last few weeks. This makes me happy.

The first trip down in a few months for me was this weekend. I got to photograph this sweet little boy.

More pictures of his session to come. Poor little guy wasn't feeling his best, and he couldn't quite make it to the sunset show.

Being such a nice night out, my family had decided to take the girls to the fun zone while I was at my shoot.

It was this little dudes first "official" trip to the sand.

He enjoyed it. Can ya tell?

My prissy little girls cry at the first sign of sand near their face. Jordan, on the other hand, had to be told not to throw it over his own head. He was covered, laughing hysterically the entire time he was doing it.

Since I have had so many people ask, I wanted to take the time to answer your questions about beach photo sessions.

Do you book family sessions at the beach?

YES! love to. However, I do book a limited amount of beach sessions, so make sure to book yours early before I fill up.

Keep in mind that my session fee of $150 is for up to 5 people (or one immediate family. If you have 4 kids you don't get charged extra). If you wanted to schedule grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. it is $15 per additional person. I also charge a $50 travel fee to the beach to cover gas/parking/tolls, etc.

What is the best time to take beach pictures?

I like to start one hour before sunset. The light is my absolute fav.

The silhouette's you take. Can I get some of those??

Of course! They are my favorite. These are best if taken right as the sun is starting to dip into the horizon. We save them for last.

Sunset pictures look amazing on canvas. Just sayin...

(How cute are my mom & dad?)

What should we wear??

I have a lot of people ask if they should wear "white shirts & jeans". This seems to be the classic look a lot of people will go to. To be honest, I prefer bright colors at the beach. You don't have to be matchy matchy to get a great picture. In fact, the more mismatched the better to me! This is a personal preference, though so wear what you feel comfortable in. And be prepared to get a little wet!

What beaches do you shoot at?

It depends on where you are coming from, what might be going on at the beach that weekend, etc. I like the secluded beaches the best, for obvious reasons of not having to Photoshop 50 strangers out from your beautiful sunset picture. Some beaches require a permit. If it is a beach you had your heart set on, we will work out the details of the permit if necessary.

Beach pictures are fun in that you don't have to look perfect. The windblown, sand in the hair look works just fine, too. At least these girls think so.