“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” ~Rajneesh

A week ago today my best friend became a mother. And I got to witness every minute of it. There is absolutely nothing like watching a new soul come into this world. It is the most precious moment, so raw and beautiful. I have to admit, I was a little scared for Jenny, because she was determined to have Linley according to her birth plan, and when a few things didn’t go quite as planned I could hear the anxiety in her voice. But she knew what she wanted, and she was so strong and brave through it all. I am so very proud of her.

16 hours after checking in to the hospital and no pain medicine on board at all, Jenny gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Linley Renee, named after her great-grandfather, Linwood.

This is her birth story.

Jenny & Eric didn’t find out the sex of the baby during the pregnancy, and it was so worth the wait when they got to announce it to their families. I just love their reaction!

Jenny & Eric, I am so excited to watch you on this new journey. You are already the wonderful parents I always knew you would be.

Welcome to the world sweet baby Linley. You are a precious gift, loved my so many already.

  • that is beautiful! i cried looking at these and i don’t even know them. great work to capture the emotion. she is adorable!

  • Natalie Beral

    I agree with Taryn, tears, so beautiful. She is so cute, love the pic with the yellow blanket and bow, too precious. Great work.

  • Amy, I just watched it too and the pictures made me cry and laugh with joy! (and trying to be discreet while I peek at them at school).

    Awesome job – to Jenny, Eric – and you – for your amazing photography. You have a gift from God (high praise from a photographer’s wife!)

  • Beautiful work!

  • Congratulations to the new parents! Baby Linley you have been born into a very wonderful family. Beautiful work.

  • Thank you for sharing this. I’m so proud of my cousin Jenny. I loved how Uncle Stan and Aunt Debbie were captured in the announcement. We won’t get to meet Linley for awhile and it was wonderful to see the pictures

  • Amy- These are awesome! I have tears. I get to meet Linley on Tuesday and I can’t wait! Great job with the photographs! Congratulations Eric and Jenny!

  • Congrats to Eric and Jenny. Linley Renee is absolutely beautiful. We are all so happy for the two of you. Enjoy every minute, even the late night ones.

  • These pictures are amazing, Amy,! You did a fabulous job!

    Congratulations Eric and Jenny~Linley Renee is beautiful!! I had tears of joy looking at all these gorgeous pictures of your little angel. The coolest part about being parents is catching a glimpse of yourself in your little one!
    PS…can’t wait for Eric to bring Linley to Goddard! 🙂