Sep 22, 2011

Another best friend’s beautiful baby to share. I had to keep these pictures to myself until the announcement’s went out and am so excited to be able to introduce her to you all now.

Kaiya Marie

Born Aug. 18th       7 lbs. 12 oz. of perfection.

Proud big brother, Joaquin. If little Kaiya is anything like him, she will be reading at the age of 6 months – this kid is amazing.

Congratulations Stacey, Nick & Joaquin on your beautiful new little girl that I love so much already!! xxoo

  • Amy, love the pics, love the colors and love that kaiya!!! But seriously my nephew is trying to steal the show, he looks so beautiful!! I know everyone thinks their kids should be in commercials, but seriously you need to turn those pics into headshots!! great work amy!!