Oct 24, 2011

I know I have shared this picture before (and caused quite the controversy over posting my sweet little girls booties on facebook!), but this week’s challenge over at i heart faces is Let Them Be Little.

Enough said.

To see more entries or enter your own photo in the challenge, head on over to i heart faces!

  • I love this! You MUST post it. And then re-post it at their graduations or weddings or whatever other big events come their way. A memory to be treasured for sure.

  • this is adorable! sometimes people get too caught up in the good & the bad & forget that this is art, yes there are bad people in the world, but they can’t keep us from sharing great images!

  • Nonsense, nothing wrong with posting the photo here at all. Bad Choice you obviously know nothing about the photographer or her family. As the grandfather of the two little girls pictured and the father of the photographer I know first hand how innocent this is and how proud I am of the work my daughter does. This was not staged or posed for, this is a captured moment of my two little granddaughters doing what children do every day. As for you Concerned Grandparent I can assure you the girls will be fine with it as they grow older. First of all there’s nothing for them to be ashamed of and second of all none of my grandkids are being raised as paranoid or afraid of life. You want to give in to what some sick minded idiot might think than live your life that way, my family won’t.

    • Well said! 🙂

    • Here, here! I think this photo is absolutely adorable, and I am glad that mom not only had the foresight to capture it, but also was happy to post it. And as for the weirdos in the world…they will use anything inappropriately – photos of a child’s face, a pair of shoes, a man in tights…No point in living your life in fear. Kudos to you!

  • This is truly kids being kids and I don’t think anyone can identify these 2.

  • I think this is ADORABLE! I have a similar shot of my firstborn. When they’re young like this, its just a kid being a kid, and nothing *wrong* with that! Kudo’s on the photo. It fits the theme well, esp since most little kids/toddlers would rather be nakey 🙂

  • I think it is adorable! You do fabulous work and should not be ashamed of this photo at all. 🙂 I think it captures kids doing what they do best being kids and I am sure when they are older they will laugh about the photo!

  • The best thing about this photo is that it was a truly candid and sweet moment with these little girls. This was not staged. For those concerned about what the kids will think when they grow up, how many of your parents took pictures of you in the bathtub or swimming pool when you were naked? Mine did and put them in frames for everyone to see. I’m not embarrassed by them. They are completely innocent and nothing to be ashamed of as I get older.

    People need to relax. This is an amazing picture!

  • Super, super cute… don’t ever delete this picture!!! You are an amazing photgrapher and come from an awesome, healthy family. Now if you took a picture of my booty an posted it, then… 😉

  • This is such a cute picture and one the girls will surely laugh about when they are older. Perfectly captures childhood innocence – let’s not try to interpret it in any other form.

  • This is an adorable shot. Good for you for staying true to yourself. Don’t let other people bully you into thinking there is anything more to this picture than childhood innocence. It is perfection.

  • Adorable photo! we are like a nudist colony in my house too lol!.. Is’nt it great that kids can be so free and secure with themselves. It’s how we were born & it’s a perfectly natural thing…

  • The only people that think this pic is sick are people who are sick in their own heads and feel guilty about it, so they project their own pedophilia onto the rest of the world. It’s a cute image, completely innocent and adorable. Forget the self hating pedos out there and keep shooting with your head held high 🙂

  • Love it! I agree with A, the people that are taking this out of context are the sickos! Your girls will love this when they get older;)

  • At my house we call these nudie cutie patooties! ♥ Your girls are adorable and you didn’t do a thing wrong. 🙂

  • Too cute! I have an almost identical image of my twins boys when they were about a year old and I absolutely treasure it. In fact, I shared that one online in a timeline thing I did for their birthday. So wonderful that you were able to catch this moment before it disappeared because it is but a brief moment in time.

    As for the concerns that this photo would be used inappropriately – there are much bigger fish to fry than a photo of a couple kids butts doing nothing indecent. You can’t even identify these girls! Only sickos could possibly find a problem with an image like this.

  • This is so flippin adorable! I adore it! I hope you put this in their graduation or wedding slideshow someday!

  • I absolutely LOVE this photo! To those that have negative things to say: get a life!

  • I love it! Adorable and tasteful. So cute!

  • I LOVE this, it’s sad that something so sweet an innocent can turn into something negative!! I agree it’s the ones who are making those comments that have the problems when they are looking at it in that light.