Oct 11, 2012

and cuter every single day!!

and a bonus…

  • Sherry Benshoof

    Just love your writing! So cute – She will love seeing this when she is older!

  • Are you kidding right now? I’m in love with her!!! What a sweet, sweet baby!! Don’t forget about the time she clocked Gianna at her Baptism reception! Or was it a slap? Either way, she earned her “Bully” title back then!!

  • Absolutely beautiful! I think I want to be a photographer instead if a bakery owner! So pretty Amy. Beautiful baby and as always, beautiful pictures! 😉

  • Barbara Reynoso

    Hannah!! You are my favorite person to read about in FB!!! I think you need your own blog, cuz I would read it every day!! Don’t tell your
    mom, but I think it’s cool you like red velvet cake & lollipops!! Keep on with all your exploring, but you might want to tone down the screaming a little…then maybe Mom will forget all the bullying!!! LOL!!! Hugs!!!