Dec 30, 2016

Most of you already know I am a little obsessed with our yearly family photo albums and videos. They are one of my most favorite things to put together, and I post the videos in here so they can be easily found (mostly by our girls!). Sophia loves to pull up the old ones and watch them over and over (all of them can be found HERE once you scroll down).

That said, I do these for my family, and I don't really expect everyone to sit and watch this. I post enough pictures all year, that you could very well be sick of seeing these faces already! Ha. But, whether you watch it or not, I hope that this can inspire you all to do the same. Take the pictures. Print them! Put them in albums for your kids. Do SOMETHING with them. Don't let them live on social media. I know I say this a lot, but it is so important to me to be able to give our kids a way to go back and relive the memories, and these videos and the albums are my gift to my family.

It is so crazy to watch a year's worth of photos. ONE year. We made all these memories in just one year. It flew by, as the years seem to do. I am glad we have these to go back and watch, because you don't realize just how fleeting a moment is until it is gone.

The big ones for us this year:

Jack was born, much earlier than expected! The day the girls got to see him for the first time was definitely one of the high points of the year.

Paul graduated from UC Davis!

We vacationed to Colorado and Utah. Our family reunion in Utah was a vacation we will never forget.

The Cubs won the World Series! Make sure to watch the video to the end to see that one. A moment we waited for as long as I can remember!

Happy New Year, and may 2017 be filled with joy & laughter.



*disclaimer. A lot of these are iPhone pics, like every year.


I hope everyone has been enjoying the last few days. We had a wonderful Christmas with our family, and yesterday was spent unburying ourselves from the mess of presents. I have successfully organized the girl's rooms and our playroom/office, and seven trash bags later, there is still so much left to be done! Why does putting away their new things lead to SO many other projects?

I pulled myself away from it all to take a minute to say THANK YOU. Another great year has passed, and I sit here reflecting once more on just where this business has grown and the endless possibilities in the future. Every year I promise myself to blog more, and then the end of the year comes and I find myself playing catch up, but being able to see it all together on one blog post is one of my favorite things to do.

I worked hard this year, and I am proud of that. 140 sessions, 2 weddings and one amazing birth. I mentored other photographers, taught several of my beginner's workshops and am in the process of a very exciting new journey to continue my goal of educating other photographers.

So, here it is! 2016 in one blog post.

Thank you ALL. There aren't words to express how grateful I am that you have come along on this journey with me. It means so much to have your support, and I look forward to the memories we will make together in 2017!



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2 I have a lot to be thankful for this time of year, and you guys are such a huge part of that! I love giving back to you whenever I can, and as my business has grown and I have more and more clients that have turned friends, it is really hard for me to spoil you ALL every time. I wish I could, believe me. But there is just one me and so many of you!! But today is the day I get to spoil you ALL every year! When I thought about what to mark down I really tried to listen to what you all want. I want this to be for YOU! I hope some of you that have been telling me you are saving up for a session can get in now while they are at their lowest price of the year. If you already know what you want, go ahead and grab it now HERE. If you want to know more about what is on sale in the shop today, here is all the info: FULL SESSIONS.  You love them! So do I! The I'm All In session seems to be the most popular, with so many of you booking them on a regular basis. Last year it was a hit, so here they are again. I am offering FIVE this year, but please read the specifics. I can only schedule these between February 1st, 2017 and October 1st, 2017. TRAVEL SESSIONS.  If you live somewhere Southwest flies to, I would love to book a session with you! I will come to YOU. I am actually crazy excited about the possibilities with this one! There are only two available!! BEGINNERS WORKSHOP. If you have a camera and don't have a clue what to do with it, this class is for you! We have a ton of fun at these, and I am so proud of those that have taken this workshop and put their new skills to use! You WILL walk away with knowledge of how to shoot in manual mode, and YES, I do teach you the trick to all that blur. This class doesn't disappoint! It is scheduled for February 4th at my home in La Verne, and the savings if you sign up today is awesome! The price will go up tomorrow, and it most likely will sell out. All you need to bring to this class is your camera and manual. If you have a new camera on your Christmas list, just sign up to be safe! 😉 PORTFOLIO REVIEW. This is such a great opportunity for photographers that want to push themselves next year! Use the first of the year to focus on YOU. Slow down, unwind and let's take a look at where you are now and where you want to be. I promise I can help you get there! 1:1 MENTORING. Oh my gosh, the demand for these has been crazy! These are for photographers that are just stuck in that rut and need someone to get them through it. I want to take you on a journey to find what inspires you. There is a LOT included in this learning opportunity, so make sure to read through it in the shop. Also, this is intended for photographers that are confident shooting in manual already and only available to photographers that live AND work a minimum of 30 miles from La Verne, CA. Also, as an extra THANK YOU, all prints can be purchased half off today! Go stock up. If you need me to rehost your gallery just shoot me an email. Use the code BFPRINT to get that savings! THANK YOU for being so amazing. You guys make this job easy! Now GO SHOP! xoxo Amy
Jul 31, 2016

I am still in pajamas, letting the ac blast, listening to the kids play in the other room as I cross a few things off my to do list and start to mentally prepare for the next few weeks. I have mixed feelings about summer ending. I will miss the late nights, sleeping in and lack of schedule. I will also welcome back the routine that keeps us all running smooth around here.

If you ask the girls how their summer was, they will tell you it was awesome. We took a trip to see Paul graduate from college, celebrated lots of birthdays, flew to Colorado for our own family pictures (BEST experience ever!) and finished it out with the best family reunion in Bear Lake, Utah we could have ever imagined. Our family of 15 piled into a 5,000 sq foot house and spent a week with extended family from all over the US. We got to see our cousins, aunts and uncles. We played games outside, late night poker games, rented boats (the kids got to fly across the lake on inter tubes for the first time ever. Pretty sure that was the highlight of their week!) and had coffee (and wine!) on the deck overlooking the gorgeous scenery. We don't get to visit often, but as soon as we are together again it is like no time has passed. The kids became best friends with cousins they have never even met, and the end of the week came way too fast.  We came home with a few new freckles and a lot of great memories.

Since a blog post isn't complete without pretty pictures, here are  just some of my favorites from our summer.



RA6A3377-Edit RA6A3549-Edit RA6A4522-Edit RA6A3580-Edit RA6A3604-Edit RA6A3934-Edit RA6A3509-Edit RA6A4045-EditRA6A3666-Edit-2 RA6A3691-Edit RA6A3901-Edit RA6A4419-Edit RA6A3876-Edit RA6A3776-Edit RA6A3772-Edit RA6A4496-Edit RA6A4530-Edit RA6A4537-Edit RA6A4539-Edit RA6A3910-Edit RA6A3980-Edit RA6A3983-EditRA6A3484-Edit RA6A3428-Edit RA6A3515-Edit RA6A3757-Edit RA6A3770-Edit RA6A3743-Edit RA6A3698-Edit RA6A3935-Edit RA6A4491-Edit RA6A4470-Edit RA6A3584-Edit RA6A3670-Edit RA6A3646-EditRA6A3774-EditRA6A3656-Edit RA6A3625-Edit RA6A3504-EditRA6A3524-Edit RA6A3616-Edit RA6A3567-EditRA6A4676-Edit

I love when I get to photograph families that mean a lot to me! We had been planning this session for months, and had to keep postponing due to weather and other things that got in the way. We finally made it out to Bolsa Chica, a spot that is special to the Tibbetts family, and the skies were gorgeous (although a little windy!).

There are several I love from this session, but the last image is my favorite. Even the bird cooperated!

RA6A4048-Edit RA6A3973-Edit RA6A3796-Edit RA6A4169-Edit RA6A3877-Edit RA6A4031-Edit RA6A4242-Edit RA6A4144-Edit RA6A4113-Edit RA6A4210-Edit RA6A4090-Edit RA6A3773-Edit RA6A4476-Edit
May 26, 2016

I am a very organized person. I pride myself on my to do lists that get methodically checked off, my daily routine that seems to keep our house in order, and the fact that I rarely forget something. I like structure. In fact, I tend to meltdown without it. But when it comes to planning out photo sessions and being purposeful with what I am shooting, I am like a completely different person. I am terrible about planning anything farther than a month out. I have ideas swimming in my head, but, so often, I lack the discipline to sit down and actually do something about them. I often don't decide on a location to shoot at until the day before a session. I recognize this, and I chalk it up to my creative juices flowing best under pressure. But this year, it was a goal of mine to be more purposeful in my shooting. So, I planned out these All Dressed Up sessions months in advance. I pulled together a team to help me, because I like to try to take on too much at once by myself, and I knew this time I wouldn't be able to. I even scheduled a rehearsal a few days before the event to make sure we had timed it all right, checked the lighting and tied up the loose ends. Of course, since I put all this time into planning the "perfect" sessions, it would only make sense to get to the actual day of and have a forecast of wind. And by wind, I mean gusts so strong it took two of us to hold the swing in place, countless hair and makeup touch ups, and one person running around after everything that was literally blowing away. Thank goodness I had planned to have so much help there. I couldn't have done it without a hair and makeup team, flower designers & an amazing assistant (thank you Nikki!!).

I am so happy with the results! These gorgeous girls all rocked their sessions. We had so much fun! I know there are several of you that did not sign up for these that have emailed and messaged me. I am working on another plan, so keep checking for information on that.


RA6A9010-EditRA6A0650-Edit RA6A0615-Edit RA6A9098-Edit-EditRA6A0860-Edit RA6A8885-Edit RA6A1070-Edit RA6A0359-EditRA6A0255-Edit RA6A0195-Edit RA6A9248-EditRA6A1108-Edit RA6A0741-Edit RA6A1011-Edit RA6A0948-Edit RA6A0628-Edit RA6A0404-Edit RA6A0952-Edit RA6A9421-Edit RA6A0346-Edit RA6A9090-Edit RA6A9318-Edit-Edit RA6A9548-Edit RA6A0330-Edit RA6A0297-Edit RA6A0215-Edit
May 26, 2016

This beach session made me happy. It doesn't really need a lot of words, so I will just leave you with these pictures.

RA6A7738-Edit RA6A7756-Edit RA6A7759-Edit RA6A7833-Edit RA6A7862-Edit RA6A7868-Edit RA6A7911-Edit RA6A7919-Edit RA6A7925-Edit-2 RA6A7944-Edit RA6A7972-Edit RA6A7988-Edit-2 RA6A8015-Edit RA6A8051-Edit RA6A8202-Edit RA6A8221-EditRA6A7873-Edit RA6A8290-Edit RA6A8323-Edit

I should have blogged this a long time ago, but I am just trying to stay above water between the kids crazy schedules, Bob on the road for work more than he ever has been and the demands of running my own business- which has honestly never been this busy before. It's a great problem to have for sure, but when I put something off this long I feel so bad. Regardless, it is still months before these two wed, so I guess I am not too late. Ha.

Elyse & Addison. These two. Oh my gosh, I just love their chemistry, the fun they have together, their kind hearts. They make a great couple, and I am so excited and honored to have been asked to photograph their wedding this fall. Their engagement session was relaxed and easy, just like they are. They even brought their dog, Toby, who kinda loved the camera.

Going back and pulling pictures for this post made me even more excited for their big day. Congratulations again, Elyse & Addison. I am so happy to be a part of such a special time in your lives.


RA6A3752-Edit RA6A3756-Edit RA6A3806-Edit RA6A3816-Edit RA6A3864-Edit RA6A3870-EditUntitled-1 RA6A3913-Edit RA6A3920-Edit RA6A3936-Edit RA6A3965-Edit RA6A3978-Edit RA6A4036-Edit RA6A4057-Edit RA6A4062-Edit RA6A4071-Edit RA6A4107-Edit RA6A4176-Edit RA6A4188-Edit RA6A4201-Edit RA6A4208-EditRA6A4165-Edit RA6A4226-Edit RA6A4243-Edit RA6A4253-Edit RA6A4311-EditRA6A4279-Edit RA6A4316-Edit RA6A4340-EditRA6A4261-Edit RA6A4362-Edit RA6A4383-Edit
Apr 20, 2016

I was hoping I would have this post up yesterday, on my birthday, but I spent the day as everyone should- relaxing and enjoying time with my family. Owning your own business can be a tricky thing. It has taken me a long time to find balance. Balance between sessions, my priorities as a mom and my own personal me time. Most weeks my balance really sucks, and I am either behind on work or the kids are watching way too much TV while I catch up on editing. Then there are days that make me proud, that one short period of time where my to do lists are short, the kids are happy and I feel rested. I wish I could bottle those days up just to remember what they are like when I am sinking.

I am not the only small business owner that struggles with this. My friends at Balanced Box, Janelle & Drea, are pretty much rockstars, and if you follow them on social media you will feel empowered & motivated.

In their words,

"Balanced Box is committed to creating a movement towards a BALANCED and healthy lifestyle. Often times people take things TOO seriously….Although your health is a serious thing, we believe fitness and food should be fun. Our mission is to highlight the joy, and humor around health, fitness and overall balance. We offer a fun perspective on healthy eating, and we try to make living a BALANCED lifestyle a real option, for real people, one healthy meal, or fun shirt at a time!"

When Janelle & Drea introduced their new apparel line, I fell in love with it immediately. It hit me that the photography industry struggles with balance just as much as any other, and I approached them about collaborating on a line specific for us. What we came up with is so fun, and they are now available for presale here. All orders placed in the next 10 days will be sent out May 14th. Make sure to get your order in now so you are included on the preorder! Also, shipping is free if you order 3 or more, so stock up!

My favorite shirt is the Shoot, Edit, Coffee Repeat because I really feel like this is my life some weeks- especially during the fall and spring rush!


 I photograph a LOT of kids, and there are sessions I leave feeling completely wiped out. I like to think I can count this as my workout for the day. This shirt says it best!

I workout. Just kidding I photograph kids.

RA6A6427-Edit RA6A6455-EditRA6A6595-Edit

Another way I find my own balance is by working when my kids are in bed. This usually works for me. I shoot while they are in school, spend time with them after school, and once they are in bed I am back to editing. It's as if they don't even know I work, right? Well....not always. I love this shirt! It is SO soft and comfy!

Shoot all day. Edit all night. RA6A6480-Edit RA6A6571-Edit RA6A6600-EditAnd last, but most important, I had to design something for my clients. I have been crazy lucky to have a mini session following that is so loyal, enthusiastic and supportive, and I thought it would be fun to create something for just YOU. These are adorable! Mini Session Addicts. Available in adult and kid sizes.

hudsonRA6A6383-Edit RA6A6391-Edit

I want to thank Janelle & Drea. Your friendship and support means so much to me, and I am excited for this and for future collaborations! xoxo

RA6A6307-Edit RA6A6311-Edit RA6A6522-Edit

I am excited to announce something I have never done before. Well, at least not this big!

On May 14th, I will be offering styled sessions for girls.

All dressed up!

Hair and light makeup will be included on location, and the set is going to be amazing. There are some very creative minds behind this and I can't wait to see it come together.

This is my first session of this kind. You will have to trust my vision.  I will not be showing a set or sample picture. Just trust me, you don't want to miss out on these. I might not offer them again, at least for a long time.

Sessions will be 15 minutes and you will get three final images. These will be portraits you will want hung on your walls, made into large canvases. Pieces of art.

Once you are signed up, I will contact you to start the planning process, so hurry and sign up here.

all dressed upblog2