1:1 Mentoring


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Educating yourself and continuing to learn is a huge part of our business as photographers, and one of the most important investments you can make. I also happen to love teaching, and I really am pretty much an open book on these sessions. Nothing is off limits to ask me- I will try my best to answer all your questions!
A 1:1 mentor workshop includes the following:
A complete portfolio review. I offer critique and pointers on where you can improve. I will have it ready for us to go over together the day of your workshop.
Overview of my settings and basic approach to shooting. We talk about equipment, lenses, etc.
Business and marketing, including social media strategies.
We will shoot a model together, side by side. There will be plenty of teaching opportunities and time for questions!
I will schedule a family session that afternoon that you can watch me shoot from start to finish. You are welcome to shoot behind me for this part, too (however i don’t allow you to offer these pictures to my client or tag me or them on Facebook with them. They are for your own learning only).
We will spend some time editing the family session together before our day ends!
My goal is for you to leave feeling confident with the technical piece of it all, but I also hope to inspire you and show you how I stay true to my style.
This mentor opportunity is for photographers that are confident shooting in manual already. If you are not, please consider signing up for my basic workshop instead.
Only available to photographers that live AND work a minimum of 30 miles from La Verne, CA.