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There is a reason it is the 13th of July & I am just posting pictures from the 4th.

There are saltine crackers littering my nightstand, I have had to look at the calendar 5 times today to make sure it is really Wednesday, and I was thisclose to showing up to tonight’s session in pajama pants.

Morning sickness has gotten the best of me. Luckily, the girls think this is superb, since the last few days this has meant while I sleep in they talk their brothers into a TV marathon while eating every piece of crappy food in our cupboards.

There have also been a few afternoons in front of the TV, as well.

They need haircuts BAD. And as we were leaving the house Sophia quietly said, “Maybe my Grammy will brush my hair today”. Oh the guilt.

There was a Cheeto in it. For reals.

I started to feel a little guilty around 5ish last night so pulled myself together enough to whip up some cookies with them.

The best chocolate chip cookie recipe here. Trust me, they are ridiculously good. In fact, temporarily healed my upset tummy!

Back to the 4th.

We started the morning out watching the parade in downtown Glendora.

The mention of “parade” in our house is followed by the loudest screams ever. They are definitely parade regulars now, trying to name off what will come down the street first and guess who will score candy from the firetruck (none this year, sadly).

Jordan loves everything the girls love, including the pretty necklaces they were wearing. So much so, in fact, that someone had to run out and buy him one, too. Oh Jordan, for your sake I hope this next one is a boy!

The parade lasted all of 18 minutes. Which meant a nice long afternoon nap before heading out to Bonita to watch the firework show with the Egan family.

It’s fun to watch the little kids watch the big kids. They want to do what they are doing, hang on to their every word and then talk about them for days after.

The glow sticks provided entertainment right as the girls were starting to get restless. Oh and FYI, eating a glow stick won’t hurt you-just tastes yucky and turns your mouth colors. If I hadn’t been so panicked about it I would have remembered to stop and take a picture, but Madison kind of freaked herself out when we saw the mess.

The show was fantastic, like every year. We have such a great time just relaxing and running into friends all over the field. It was a perfect summer night, even rained just a little bit.

The next day the girls started swim lessons.


For real, I have never seen such craziness in my life. They screamed. They cried. They puked in the pool. Yep. And not from eating right before swimming, it had been several hours since lunch. They are that scared.

WERE that scared.

Let me introduce my new little fishies.

We have one last lesson tomorrow, but these girls are 100% different than the scared, crying girls on their first day. They now jump in, dive down for rings, can pull themselves up out of the pool (which I love that Judy taught them incase they were to ever fall in), and they actually didn’t want to leave today. Amazing! It’s only been 7 lessons. This lady is incredible, a PE teacher during the school year & teaches private lessons all summer. I had asked my friend, Meg, to put us on the waiting list last year (since she is so popular and hard to get into) and totally forgot until Meg called a few months ago to remind me. So glad we did this!

Of course, it did take a tiny bit of bribing some days (notice all the slurpees in the pictures).

But so worth it.

And geez does it tire them out. We keep finding Madison asleep in weird spots.

And with that, I am also super tired out. Off to bed. Hope I wake up in time for my 11am hair appointment tomorrow!


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