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I was hoping I would have this post up yesterday, on my birthday, but I spent the day as everyone should- relaxing and enjoying time with my family. Owning your own business can be a tricky thing. It has taken me a long time to find balance. Balance between sessions, my priorities as a mom and my own personal me time. Most weeks my balance really sucks, and I am either behind on work or the kids are watching way too much TV while I catch up on editing. Then there are days that make me proud, that one short period of time where my to do lists are short, the kids are happy and I feel rested. I wish I could bottle those days up just to remember what they are like when I am sinking.

I am not the only small business owner that struggles with this. My friends at Balanced Box, Janelle & Drea, are pretty much rockstars, and if you follow them on social media you will feel empowered & motivated.

In their words,

“Balanced Box is committed to creating a movement towards a BALANCED and healthy lifestyle. Often times people take things TOO seriously….Although your health is a serious thing, we believe fitness and food should be fun. Our mission is to highlight the joy, and humor around health, fitness and overall balance. We offer a fun perspective on healthy eating, and we try to make living a BALANCED lifestyle a real option, for real people, one healthy meal, or fun shirt at a time!”

When Janelle & Drea introduced their new apparel line, I fell in love with it immediately. It hit me that the photography industry struggles with balance just as much as any other, and I approached them about collaborating on a line specific for us. What we came up with is so fun, and they are now available for presale here. All orders placed in the next 10 days will be sent out May 14th. Make sure to get your order in now so you are included on the preorder! Also, shipping is free if you order 3 or more, so stock up!

My favorite shirt is the Shoot, Edit, Coffee Repeat because I really feel like this is my life some weeks- especially during the fall and spring rush!


 I photograph a LOT of kids, and there are sessions I leave feeling completely wiped out. I like to think I can count this as my workout for the day. This shirt says it best!

I workout. Just kidding I photograph kids.

RA6A6427-Edit RA6A6455-EditRA6A6595-Edit

Another way I find my own balance is by working when my kids are in bed. This usually works for me. I shoot while they are in school, spend time with them after school, and once they are in bed I am back to editing. It’s as if they don’t even know I work, right? Well….not always. I love this shirt! It is SO soft and comfy!

Shoot all day. Edit all night. RA6A6480-Edit RA6A6571-Edit RA6A6600-EditAnd last, but most important, I had to design something for my clients. I have been crazy lucky to have a mini session following that is so loyal, enthusiastic and supportive, and I thought it would be fun to create something for just YOU. These are adorable!
Mini Session Addicts. Available in adult and kid sizes.

hudsonRA6A6383-Edit RA6A6391-Edit

I want to thank Janelle & Drea. Your friendship and support means so much to me, and I am excited for this and for future collaborations! xoxo

RA6A6307-Edit RA6A6311-Edit RA6A6522-Edit

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