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My grandad moved from London, England to America when he was 29 years old. Nine years later, he married my Gram. He was a painter, and I can remember as a child thinking how cool it was when he would point out big buildings in Los Angeles and tell us he painted them. My grandad

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She turns 5 tomorrow. Five things I love about our little dimple face. 1. Her HUGE heart. She has so much love to give. She loves unconditionally. There are times where she is getting in trouble for something and before I can even finish scolding her she is telling me she loves me. 2. Her

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As we sat down to eat tonight, the kids said they wanted to say the prayer. Our usual dinner time prayer consists of singing “Oh the Lord’s been good to me” or “Johnny Appleseed”, so I figured they would chose one of the two. Instead, Sophia (who must have been designated by the younger ones)

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