Easter, cameras and sunsets

Those of you that follow me on Facebook might have already seen this.

This is the state of the girls room today.  And while the rest of the pictures below seem to imply that I have it all together, you now know the truth. Let’s just say that as I type this Madison has been running around naked hitting her sister with a toy and finally is in a time out in her bedroom. Hope I will be able to find her under all this mess. And the truth is, I have no plans to clean this up for the next day or so at least. And the girls seem to be ok with that.

I love getting ready for holidays. The shopping, preparing, anticipation. I actually bought the girls their Easter outfits months ago, but then one day on a whim I let them wear them for a photo shoot. Sophia got pen all over the front of hers, and I was going to let her just wear it anyway, but my prissy little girl told me that was NOT ok for Easter. Old Navy had a few dresses left in their sizes, thank goodness. They also let me know they both needed new shoes and bonnets for the Easter “parade” (which consists of the girls & Aubrey parading around in the living room).

These weren’t their Easter shoes, but too cute to pass up.

Easter egg dying this year was quite the event. Jordan’s first year, Sophia trying to get herself as colored as humanly possible (I think she would have gotten in the cup of dye if she could have fit), Aubrey having a FIT about getting any color on her at all and Madison just wondering when we would get to eat again. Oh and note for next year, Jordan likes the taste of vinegar. Keep the cup away from him.

We ended up with something like 8 dozen eggs or so between us all. I still have 3 dozen in my fridge. Thinking it is time to throw them out. So sad, pretty colors.

Easter service on Saturday. FYI, Sophia’s fingernails were still so green from the dye that we had to paint her nails over to cover it up.

Easter morning started early for us, about 7 or so. I love how they scream in excitement over Target dollar aisle finds. They were also pretty thrilled with the change the Easter Bunny left in their eggs. Madison told everyone all day that she made FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.

I also love how the girls drag the boys out of bed, expecting them to be just as excited as they are to find eggs. The boys are pretty good sports about it.

Our family celebration at my mom’s house in the afternoon. My mom loves holidays more than anyone I know. She plans and prepares weeks before. The girls get so excited to walk in her door and see what she has done.

Bunny bait. Popcorn, m&m’s and white chocolate drizzled over. Heaven. I ate it all day and even brought some home for later. I won’t be doing this again, since it took my blood sugar about 4 hours to come down. Totally worth it, though.

A few shots of the girls in their Easter outfits. Reminds me of Megan & I when we were little. They were wearing ruffle socks, but I forgot to get a picture of them before they tore them off.

Easter egg hunting again.

Tired, dirty girls.

The day after Easter we picked up some film from throw away cameras I had given the girls while Bob & I were away on vacation. They were told to take pictures of what they did so I could see when we came back. They took their job very seriously. The pictures were so fun to look through. They were SO proud of what them. They got a little album (or phoboalbum as Sophia calls it) and have looked at it about 45 million times in the last few days. We couldn’t even leave the store until they had gone through them all.

Last night we took a last minute trip up to the top of Glendora to watch the sunset. It wasn’t a very fierce one, but enough to get a few shots. I need to remember to bring a blanket to lie on the next time, since I was in some pretty uncomfortable positions to get some of these. I was still picking thorns out of my panties an hour later. Thanks to my mom for going with me, climbing a wall to get to the perfect spot and being my watch out for snakes. Ok, there might not have been snakes but you never know, right?

It’s Bob and my (is that right?? Me & Bob? Bob and I’s?) anniversary this week. Six years on Friday, and we will be going to our favorite restaurant for dinner- Flemings. Super excited! Have a happy week friends!

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