Eddie the Elf

Eddie the Elf arrived at our house yesterday morning. If you haven’t heard of the Elf on the Shelf read about it here. It’s a fun tradition we started last year that the girls go crazy over. They wake up each morning and run to find where Eddie has hidden in the house and what trouble he might have gotten himself into while they were asleep. Last year we kept it simple. He hid in very obvious places and didn’t really do anything except maybe take a toy of theirs with him sometimes. But this year we wanted to take it up a notch and have some fun with it. For example, the night he arrived he helped himself to a powdered sugar donut, and last night he had eaten almost all of the leftover pie on the counter (which proved to be not that great of an idea a little later in the night for her. I mean him).

He definitely made a grand entrance this year. The girls were expecting him to arrive because he had already visited their cousin’s house the day before. They were also expecting the same powdered sugar donuts from the north pole, Christmas pajamas and colored milk, because that is what he did at Aubrey & Jordan’s and everything in their little world always has to be the exact same or they question why.

Even though they were positive he would be there in the morning they still ran out of their rooms a little worried he hadn’t came, and Maddie’s face totally fell when she looked around the living room & didn’t see him. Then they walked in the kitchen and I swear you would have thought it was Christmas morning.

Eddie left a note telling them he was back and would be watching them and reporting back to Santa every night. Now you get why we pulled him out a little early, right? He also warned them that he might play some silly tricks on them this year and they just might find little surprises when they are really good. Nothing crazy, just small things like snowman straws and Christmas pencils (which is like the best thing in the world to a 3 year old and 5 year old! Thank you dollar aisle at Target!).

We love this tradition, the girls love this tradition, even the boys get in on the fun moving Eddie around throughout the day when the girls aren’t looking. If you have any fun ideas please pass them on. We will definitely start running out of them soon (although Pinterest has a bunch of great ideas on there, too!).

Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year??

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