Guess Hannah’s birthday and weight and win a 16×20 canvas!!

As most of you know, we are expecting our 3rd baby girl, Hannah Reese, any time now! Her due date is March 6th. I am ready to meet her now, but at the same time I know she is still cooking in there and will come when she is ready. So, I thought it would be fun to put a contest out there to guess when Hannah will be born and how much she will weigh! The prize? A 16×20 CANVAS with your 2012 photo session! AWESOME prize, right?

I will be giving away a total of TWO prizes, so here is how the winners will be decided:

  • The person that guesses her correct birth date will win one of the canvases.
  • The person that guesses her weight will win the other canvas.
  • If more than one person guess either of those correctly all of the winners from that category will be put into a drawing for the prize. Each entry will be assigned a number (in the order the guesses were entered) and a number will be selected using


  • To make your guess, you must COMMENT ON THIS BLOG POST with your guesses.
  • Once you have commented on the blog, go to Facebook and write a comment under the link to this post telling me you have entered the contest.
  • Once you guess there is NO going back and changing your guess, so make sure you are sure!

You need a little background on my pregnancies to make the best guess…

For those of you that don’t know, I have type 1 diabetes. I wear an insulin pump to control my blood sugar every day of my life. A lot of you have asked about it on shoots before. My favorite is when I get asked if it is a pager. As much as I loved my pager back in 1997, no I did not hang on to it. What you see (clipped on my pocket most days) is my artificial pancreas. I was diagnosed at the age of 25- on the older end of the age spectrum for what is also referred to as juvenile diabetes. While there is a lot of information out there about type 2 diabetes, most people don’t really understand type 1, since only about 5% of those that have diabetes are type 1. 95% of diabetics are type 2, which means it gets a lot more attention. Being a type 1 diabetic doesn’t mean I can’t eat sweets or that if I just exercised more it would go away. I pretty much eat what I want (within reason!) and my pump delivers insulin to me since my body doesn’t make any on it’s own. I am in fantastic control of my diabetes, and it is more just a part of my every day life than anything else.

When I am pregnant, though, it pretty much kicks my butt. It’s an entirely different ballgame to be pregnant with diabetes. It means checking my blood sugar a LOT. Making sure it stays low overnight, but not so low that I go into hypoglycemic shock. It means that instead of taking around 20-25 units a DAY I am taking 25-30 units PER MEAL. Your body starts to resist the insulin, making it trickier to find things to eat that the insulin will still cover. With all that going on, there are added risks to carrying a baby full term, which leads most type 1 diabetics to be induced towards the end of their pregnancy. I was induced with both Sophia & Madison (at 38 and 39 weeks).

I hate being induced. It brings on harder contractions and increases the chances of a cesarean section. With both girls I was able to avoid this, thankfully, but my labors lasted a LONG time. Like 26 hours long.

So, my doctor isn’t very comfortable with me carrying her past 39 weeks, which will be Feb 28th. Nothing is set in stone yet, no dates have been talked about. But his normal plan of action is inducing somewhere between 38 and 39 weeks, depending on how the baby is looking. I am scheduled twice a week right now for NST’s (non stress tests) where they monitor the baby’s heart rate and movement. So far, so good.

I would REALLY love to avoid being induced, so I am going to try everything I can to bring labor on myself once I feel like I am close and ready. A pressure massage on my feet, lots of walking, those little things. Maybe they will help, maybe they won’t- but worth a shot! I won’t be doing anything crazy like drinking castor oil (disgusting!) just normal, natural ways to get the body moving. I will probably start to try some things around 38 weeks, which will be Feb 21st.

So, even though my due date is March 6th, I probably wouldn’t guess that far out if I were you…just a hint…

A few other little hints that might help you make the best guess…

  • Diabetics “typically” have larger babies. BUT, with as well controlled as I have been throughout this pregnancy my diabetes contributing to the size of the baby is not really a concern. With that said, our family still makes big babies. Sophia was 8 lbs, Madison was 8 lbs 8 oz. And remember they were both born early!
  • Hannah measured at 6 lbs 2 oz at our last ultrasound on Feb 2nd. Give or take a pound, I don’t really stress out over the size shown on the ultrasound. They aren’t always correct.
  • I have been having contractions, but nothing regular enough. They do hurt though.
  • I have dropped a little but not really a significant amount yet.

So, with all that information it is time to go make your guesses! Good luck- can’t wait to see who wins! Not as much as I can’t wait to meet this little girl, though.


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