Our 2014 Family Video

Our yearly family video is one of my favorite projects to work on. I love being able to go back and see the progression throughout the year. The milestones met, the memories made.

This year was full. Busting at the seams, really! Weddings, births, vacations…so many little moments that together made up one fabulous year. I always question the amount of pictures I include, knowing full well that I already bog down Facebook and Instagram with my constant sharing, but the truth is I don’t do this for you. As much as I love that my clients are such a HUGE part of my life – SO many of you are my friends, so much more than “clients”- I do this for my family. For our kids. They watch the videos over and over. They know how to find them on my website (and if this is the first one you are watching and are interested in seeing more, here is a link to the past 3 years). They have the songs memorized and know what picture will come next…and still laugh. They understand the importance of taking a picture. They “get” why mommy does what she does, why the big camera is with me a lot (and even more so my iPhone now- so many of these were just quick phone pictures). Their favorite gift at Christmas is their yearly photo album I make them. They call it their family yearbook. I love that. I love that they will have these to show their own kids. I love that on a bad day I can watch this video and cheer up in an instant. So if you choose not to sit through the next 10 minutes and 15 seconds I totally understand and won’t get my feelings hurt. I DO hope that it inspires you to take more pictures. Capture these moments. SHARE them with your kids.

THANK YOU for being an important part of our life. Whether you are family, a close friend or someone that I have connected with through social media, your constant cheering on, supporting my business, caring for our family- it means so much. I truly wish you all an amazing New Year.




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