thank you.

Tomorrow morning my family will join others from our neighborhood, gathering early in the morning to get a spot on the curb downtown to watch our city’s 4th of July parade. We will enjoy our day off together, probably take an afternoon swim before getting ready to pack a picnic dinner & head out to throw a blanket down and wait for the night’s show. The girls are old enough now where they remember where we watched fireworks from last year, and they talk about what colors they bet they will see, how loud it will be, and their special 4th of July necklace their grandma gave them to wear.

Tomorrow will give us plenty of opportunities like these to stop what we are doing & remember why we celebrate. I am sure I will choke up when the firework show gets to Lee Greenwood, as I do every year. But, it will end too soon. Because really, what we are celebrating- our freedom- should be something we stop & recognize more often than once a year.

I thought it would be only appropriate to share these pictures this weekend, taken about a month ago at the Glendora Police Department’s Inaugural Award’s Ceremony.

Several awards were given out, and the men & women of the Glendora Police Department were recognized & celebrated for their hard work.

Let’s recognize them. Let’s stop & say thank you- not only to these officers but to all those that serves our city, our state, our country, every, single day. Let’s remember while we are BBQ’ing with our families, there are men & women out there fighting for us. There are officers keeping our streets safe, risking their own lives for us. Every SINGLE day.

Thank you.

My little brother, Timmy (ok, ok, when he is in uniform he is Tim), following in our dad’s footsteps as an outstanding officer, was awarded a Lifesaving Medal. I am proud big sister. (I think he was trying his hardest not to look at me for this picture).

Here are just a few of the many awards.

Thank you Glendora Police Department. I wish everyone a safe & fun 4th!

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