Welcome to my new blogsite!

I am so happy to show off my brand, spankin’ new blogsite! I made this change for several reasons. First of all, I wanted to go away from Flash, since it isn’t compatible with all mobile devices and browsers. I also have discovered I really love blogging (especially about my kids if you haven’t noticed!) and the blog I was using was pretty limited as far as customization. I wanted a site that was easy and unique to me. Enter Breeze, the most fantastic, patient & creative web designer. She helped me come up with a new logo and “look”, answered my millions of questions and requests, and I am so happy with the end result! Photographer friends that want to look her up can find her information here.

Don’t be sad, though- you can still go back and read all my old posts. My old blog can be found under the ‘about’ link above.

Oh, and did I mention my birthday is on Tuesday? In addition to this fabulous new blog, my family all pitched in and bought be the lens I have been drooling over forever- the Canon 24-70mm 2.8. I am in love.

Can’t wait to get to blogging! Leave me some love on here if you want. I heart love notes on my blog!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Aubs, Sophia & Madison after playing with their new makeup from Uncle Otto last night.

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