Thank you all for participating in the Best of 2015 contest! It is always so fun to go back and look at some of my favorite pictures again, and I know you all enjoy it, too. This year, we had two ways to cast your vote- Facebook and Instagram. We combined the totals of likes from Instagram with the number of votes on Facebook to get a grand total. The top 3 pictures with the highest totals and winners of these prizes are….

In 3rd place and the winner of a $100 gift card…

Wendy, Chris, Cash & Gwendolyn! One of my favorite beach sessions with a gorgeous family! I adore this picture and am so happy for this amazing family!!RA6A6743-Edit

In 2nd place and the winner of a $250 gift card, the Witherby family! I don’t know that I have ever photographed a family that is so natural and at ease in front of the camera! I am really looking forward to our next session with this fun group!


And in FIRST place, winner of a full session with all the digitals included –


This is really funny because we just completed the Gonzalez family’s 2015 session and little did I know that day that they would be entered into this contest, let alone win! I photograph Alayna and her family a lot, so I know this will go to good use and am so excited for this VERY deserving family!


Congratulations to everyone! THANK YOU to all the finalists for sharing this with your friends and family. I know it took work on all your part to get the amount of votes and likes you did- you all really worked it!



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