2nd star to the right and straight on ’till morning

Halloween is a big deal around here. It takes us months to decide what all the kids and cousins will wear for our annual Halloween photo session, and most of the time it takes some bribing to get them into outfits to fit a specific theme. It usually means a few are really happy with their costumes and others not so much. They usually ask me to buy a separate costume for trick or treating.

This year was definitely more of a hit. They were all extremely excited when I told them what Auntie Brit had come up with. Peter Pan. There are so many options that they really all got to have an opinion on what character they wanted to be.

Once I started thinking of the limitless opportunities with one of my favorite stories, I realized that I wanted and NEEDED the help of some friends to pull this off. I could shoot it myself, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as creative or fun without my two best photographer girls. Plus, Loreta (Earth Tone Photography) and Valerie (Valerie Ackerman Photography) have a whole bunch of gorgeous children themselves. I knew the three of us together could pull off something way bigger than I could alone. I am so happy they agreed! We worked together effortlessly, it was truly such an amazing experience for us all. I see many more collaborations in our future, girls. Love you!

Also, a huge thanks to our crew behind the scenes that helped us gather costumes, make props and drag all our stuff to “Neverland”.

This story is told much better in pictures than words, so here it is. Our interpretation of Peter Pan. (images captured by all three of us and edited by me.)


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