Client Appreciation Sale

Every year at about this time I write a long, mushy post thanking you all for making my job so fun and amazing. I always think back to where I was when I first started this career, unsure of where it all would lead me, and it truly reminds me just how blessed I have...

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Our 2016 Family Video

Most of you already know I am a little obsessed with our yearly family photo albums and videos. They are one of my most favorite things to put together, and I post the videos in here so they can be easily found (mostly by our girls!). Sophia loves to pull up the old...

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2016 | A year in pictures

I hope everyone has been enjoying the last few days. We had a wonderful Christmas with our family, and yesterday was spent unburying ourselves from the mess of presents. I have successfully organized the girl's rooms and our playroom/office, and seven trash bags...

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The BIG Event! | Cyber Monday SALE

I have a lot to be thankful for this time of year, and you guys are such a huge part of that! I love giving back to you whenever I can, and as my business has grown and I have more and more clients that have turned friends, it is really hard for me to spoil you ALL...

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I am still in pajamas, letting the ac blast, listening to the kids play in the other room as I cross a few things off my to do list and start to mentally prepare for the next few weeks. I have mixed feelings about summer ending. I will miss the late nights, sleeping...

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Bolsa Chica Beach Session |family photo session

I love when I get to photograph families that mean a lot to me! We had been planning this session for months, and had to keep postponing due to weather and other things that got in the way. We finally made it out to Bolsa Chica, a spot that is special to the Tibbetts...

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All dressed up

I am a very organized person. I pride myself on my to do lists that get methodically checked off, my daily routine that seems to keep our house in order, and the fact that I rarely forget something. I like structure. In fact, I tend to meltdown without it. But when it...

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Elyse & Addison {engagement session}

I should have blogged this a long time ago, but I am just trying to stay above water between the kids crazy schedules, Bob on the road for work more than he ever has been and the demands of running my own business- which has honestly never been this busy before. It's...

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Balanced Box Apparel

I was hoping I would have this post up yesterday, on my birthday, but I spent the day as everyone should- relaxing and enjoying time with my family. Owning your own business can be a tricky thing. It has taken me a long time to find balance. Balance between sessions,...

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