An end of the year review – my favorite moments from 2017

I almost didn’t write this post. To be honest, I am exhausted! Most of you that follow along saw the Clickin Moms breakout I just wrapped up. It was a huge goal I have had since I first opened my business, and the response was incredible! I know a lot of my clients signed up, and I thank you for the constant support. The live run is over, but the content will be added to the Clickin Moms shop in the next week, and I will make sure to share that for those that missed the run. The timing of this class with my normal fall schedule made me even more busy than usual this season, and I have been looking forward to this slow down in my schedule for quite some time now. I will still be shooting and have plans to announce Valentines shortly, but I am back into my normal pace, and it feels amazing! But, it did take some effort to pull me away from the couch to write this post, I admit. I can’t NOT put this out there, though, because I have so much to thank you all for!

2017. It truly flew by! I shot over 150 sessions this year, and it would be crazy ambitious of me to think I could make up for not blogging throughout the year and include them all in one blog post, so instead I am picking a few of the absolute favorite parts of my job this year. You are all special, and I know I say it every year, but it really is a goal of mine to do this more throughout the year in 2018. I chose to share just a snapshot of my year with you this time.

Fresh 48 sessions. These are seriously at the top of my “most favorite to shoot” list. If I could do these all day, every day I would!

One of the things I love most about these sessions are how different all your stories are. Every one is special and being able to be there to hear all about it is truly an honor.

I met a few of you for in home Fresh 48 sessions this year, too. These bring an entirely different perspective.

To the families that invited me into their homes or hospital rooms to be there for the most intimate of moments, THANK YOU.

Another favorite of mine this year was documenting motherhood. I pushed a lot of you out of your comfort zone and in front of the camera. Your children want this- they need this! We do this for them, and I know how hard it is, trust me. So, to the mommas that let their guards down and just loved on their babies, I am proud of you. You are beautiful, and you are doing an amazing job! These moments were some of my most favorite!

Can’t leave all the awesome dads out! One of the most common questions I get from other photographers is how I am able to keep dads attention during sessions. I have to say, this isn’t usually a struggle for me because the dads I am photographing are seriously just really great people and dads. They bring the fun, they know how to get their kids laughing, and they just are all around pretty great guys. So, thank you to the dads rocking their sessions.

In closing, it was another great year because of all of YOU. I can’t wait to see what you bring to your 2018 sessions! You inspire and challenge me every year. It is a dream come true to do this year after year. I love the front row seat I have to your family’s story.

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