I am a very organized person. I pride myself on my to do lists that get methodically checked off, my daily routine that seems to keep our house in order, and the fact that I rarely forget something. I like structure. In fact, I tend to meltdown without it. But when it comes to planning out photo sessions and being purposeful with what I am shooting, I am like a completely different person. I am terrible about planning anything farther than a month out. I have ideas swimming in my head, but, so often, I lack the discipline to sit down and actually do something about them. I often don’t decide on a location to shoot at until the day before a session. I recognize this, and I chalk it up to my creative juices flowing best under pressure. But this year, it was a goal of mine to be more purposeful in my shooting. So, I planned out these All Dressed Up sessions months in advance. I pulled together a team to help me, because I like to try to take on too much at once by myself, and I knew this time I wouldn’t be able to. I even scheduled a rehearsal a few days before the event to make sure we had timed it all right, checked the lighting and tied up the loose ends. Of course, since I put all this time into planning the “perfect” sessions, it would only make sense to get to the actual day of and have a forecast of wind. And by wind, I mean gusts so strong it took two of us to hold the swing in place, countless hair and makeup touch ups, and one person running around after everything that was literally blowing away. Thank goodness I had planned to have so much help there. I couldn’t have done it without a hair and makeup team, flower designers & an amazing assistant (thank you Nikki!!).

I am so happy with the results! These gorgeous girls all rocked their sessions. We had so much fun! I know there are several of you that did not sign up for these that have emailed and messaged me. I am working on another plan, so keep checking for information on that.


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