Erin & Jason

My beautiful friend Erin rocks a pregnant belly like no other! I knew this would be an easy session for me. She’s just gorgeous, so really anything I took of her was going to be just that.  We wanted to go a little edgy on these, so if you scroll to the very last picture be warned it isn’t my usual style and a bit revealing. I love it. Very Mother Earth-ish.

Erin is due at the end of November but could go any day now. If everything works out I will get to join her & Jason in the delivery room. Can’t wait to meet this new little “niece” of mine.

Love you Erin & Jason!


RA6A0420 RA6A0436 RA6A0450 RA6A0456 RA6A0556 RA6A0575 RA6A0592 RA6A0607 RA6A0609-Edit RA6A0615



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