five years old

My first born little angel turned five, and like usual, I am late with her pictures. Poor girl always gets lost in the middle of my fall crazy season. She actually asked me when we were taking them (several times), and pointed out that Madison got hers done before her party so we could hang them up. She also very clearly remembered that Madison got to be the center of the photo shoot on her birthday, only allowing Sophia to pose with her in a few. She wanted the same attention paid to her and made that very clear to me. My kids are really not your typical toddlers in front of a camera. They take their photo sessions very seriously!  So, we headed out to the park at sunset and after the thrill of it all started to wear off, she gladly let me snap a few of them both together and of just Madison.

My little girl has turned into a very sassy thing. A total know it all, constantly correcting us all. At the same time, she is such a sweet little girl, making friends with everyone and begging for “cuddle time” throughout the day. I love watching her little personality mature but also cherish that she still crawls in bed with us in the middle of the night (although if she hasn’t outgrown this by the time her baby sister arrives in March I might lose my mind!).

I am hanging on for dear life to this last year before she starts kindergarten. Enjoying every minute of this precious little girl.

I love you, Sophia Isabella.

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