Just a little life…& Easter!

I went out with all 3 girls by myself for the first time yesterday. After a pep talk with Sophia and Madison on how they were to be on their very best behavior, I nursed Hannah one more time, changed her diaper and loaded us all up. We were just going downtown to get a few things I needed, and when I scored a parking spot directly in front of the first store I needed to go to, I got all confident. How bad can it be? Come on. Easy. Hannah’s asleep, the girls are in great moods. I got this.

One hour, a poopy diaper change on a bench, a low blood sugar, several sympathetic looks from other moms, and a hungry baby screaming at the top of her lungs later I threw in the towel, nursed Hannah in front of The Village Vault and loaded us all back up. We went home to pick up Paul for the rest of our errands. I did get part of my list done, so I am not calling it a complete failure. We will try again this week.

Going from one baby to two was no big deal for me. Sophia was still so young that I thought it was going to be a lot harder, but really once Madison turned one, it was almost like having twins. It got even easier as they got older.

Two to three has been a challenge, and I think it is because of the guilt I feel not being able to devote as much time to Sophia and Madison. They are getting tired of my movie suggestions (who knew that they could be bored of movies?!) and starting to realize that the baby needs a lot of my attention. They love her to pieces, and I can’t say they are jealous of her, but they have certainly been asked to wait in line a lot lately, something they aren’t very used to having to do.

So, last night when they asked me to paint their nails I put Hannah down and got out the polish. Hannah wasn’t super thrilled about this decision.

Conveniently, my mom walked in the door a few minutes later and rescued a very sad baby while I finished up. It felt good being able to do something for them instead of begging them to grab me a diaper or hold the pacifier in Hannah’s mouth while I make lunch.

As much as I want to stop time right now and keep her a newborn forever, it’s nice that we are finally able to even attempt things like leaving the house on our own or taking a few minutes to polish nails. On one hand, I love that she smells like a newborn, her distinct newborn cry and that she still goes cross eyed every now and then cracking us all up. But it’s just as amazing to see her start to recognize her family. And her smiles. Oh my goodness, they melt me. I haven’t caught a real big one yet, but once I do you can bet I will be devoting an entire post to just that.

We met up with Jenny at the park for a few Spring pictures of adorable Linley this week, and while it wasn’t all easy and perfect we did get to snuggle each others girls and get a few pictures.

It was a beautiful day that turned in to a very chilly evening, and by the time we left the park we were all freezing, including the babes. The weather report promises a few days of sunshine this week before rain moves in again. You know what they say about April showers- looking forward to May!

We spent the rest of the week gearing up for Easter, dying eggs and baking.

Our little Easter egg. I adore this, even if she is throwing me a look like “Are you kidding me??”

Could be worse, sister. Ask me someday about how I managed to get your big sister stuck in a pumpkin when she was a month old. Your dad is still mad at me for that one.

Being up until the wee hours of the morning, our days tend to start late. Sophia & Madison have always liked to sleep in like their mama. Until recently, when I need it the most, of course. I was sure this morning would be an exception since they were up and down all night long, but no such luck. Totally worth the lack of sleep to watch them open their baskets and hear them talk to each other about the true meaning of Easter. Sophia, my little assistant, made sure to take plenty of pictures.

The celebrating continued with family this afternoon.

(Bob looks super mad here but I promise he is just really tired right now. Right, babe?)

The dessert table was ridiculous. I have been snacking on the bunny bait all night. Awesome for a girl trying to shed the baby weight, right?

Happy Easter to all of you out there, my friends, my family & those of you that have been following my photography and so kindly comment and post on Facebook. I have been overwhelmed with the number of emails, comments and posts since Hannah has arrived and am so thankful for you all.


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