Kathy & Randy- the wedding!

Most of you know by now that I don’t take on a lot of weddings. There are several reasons but mainly because juggling the many activities the kids are in doesn’t allow me to give up complete weekends, and being a wedding photographer is definitely a huge time commitment. There are exceptions to every rule, though, and I am so happy Kathy & Randy pushed me when I said no, didn’t stop asking when I listed all the reasons I don’t normally photograph weddings. There was a moment when I was talking to Kathy that I just knew I had to. We just had this instant connection that goes so much deeper than I could explain. I already love their family and I fell in love quickly with them. With their story.

What an honor it was to be there. What a privilege to witness!

Kathy & Randy were meant to be. They are true soulmates, destined from the start. They were put in each other’s lives with a purpose, and it was a beautiful day for everyone that was there as they became husband and wife.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Randy & Kathy! Congratulations!


A huge thank you to my second shooter Loreta Washington and assistant Allison Holmes!

Venue: StarRanch, Corona

Flowers & Centerpieces: Terri Reed

DJ: Wall of Sound Productions

RA6A3318-Edit RA6A3373-Edit IMG_9566-Edit IMG_9568-Edit

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IMG_9435-Edit RA6A3351-Edit RA6A3520-Edit

IMG_9466 IMG_9487-Edit


RA6A3555 RA6A3453 RA6A3443

YP6A9514-Edit Webb wedding-236 Webb wedding-252

IMG_9736-Edit Webb wedding-300 Webb wedding-289 Webb wedding-260

YP6A9588 YP6A9614 YP6A9626-Edit

IMG_9788-Edit IMG_9813-Edit



YP6A9735 YP6A9792-Edit YP6A9804-Edit IMG_9844-Edit IMG_9859 Untitled-1 Untitled-2 IMG_9547-Edit


IMG_9989-Edit IMG_9902


RA6A3813-Edit RA6A3843-EditYP6A9890-Edit

RA6A3837-Edit RA6A3869-Edit YP6A9897-Edit



YP6A9814-Edit RA6A3804-Edit YP6A9832-Edit

YP6A9876-EditYP6A9936-Editoil paint finish

IMG_0106-Edit IMG_0124-Edit IMG_0112-Edit YP6A0034-Edit YP6A0011




YP6A9927oil paint



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