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A few weeks ago, the girls received an invitation from Grandma inviting them to a Halloween party at her house yesterday. They made me read them the hints over and over- “Lunch, Games, Fun, Crafts & Ghost Hunt”. I think they carried the invitation around with them for hours that day and have pulled it out every day since.

When they woke up yesterday they were squealing that it was “party day”. I think they got into their costumes about 4 hours too early and asked me about a million times if it was time to go yet. My mom said she hoped she hadn’t built it all up too much with how excited they were.

Yeah, sure mom. I don’t think you know how to do anything small.

Seriously, over the top. From the balloons that welcomed them when they arrived, the surprise guest (Aunt Theresa) hiding inside, and the ghost hunt set up outside, no detail was overlooked.

Starting with a Halloween card from Grandma to each of them waiting at their seat.

Even Gram’s dressed up.

They would do a craft or play a game and then say “What’s next grandma??”. After asking this about 7 or 8 times I thought that had to be it, what else could she pull out for them? And then something even more creative, more fun would be presented and their eyes would get big & the screaming would get louder.

ghost hunt bags
ghost hunt bags

This moment just made me melt. Waiting their turn and they just quietly grabbed hands. Love.

I think about this time was when Linley gave up. Too much for her to stay awake for!

And then came lunch.

deviled eggs with spiders made out of olives
deviled eggs with spiders made out of olives

candy corn pudding

Painting & bowling after lunch.

A little too much energy after all that fun (or sugar, you be the judge…)

The best part? To my mom, this is just no big deal. Another day being a grandma, doing her thing loving our kids. And that is awesome.

Thank you mom. This was definitely one of those days they will remember forever.


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