Nick & Paul

Nick & Paul came into my life when they were 9 years old. I went from being a single, 24 year old who had very little to worry about past what I was going to wear out on Saturday night to a mom of twin boys.

Don’t judge me on the overalls, it was obviously not a Saturday night, and I must have been going for comfort over style. Yikes.

I was lost. Completely clueless. In fact, one night I was home alone with them and they asked me to make them a “hot cheese sandwich”. I slapped some mayo on bread, stuck some American cheese on it and zapped it in the microwave. They were too polite to tell me that they meant they wanted a grilled cheese. My cooking skills haven’t improved much from then, and more often than not I will find the boys cooking up something of their own rather than waiting for a nice hot meal from me. They are lucky to have gotten their dad’s cooking skills.

While it hasn’t always been the easiest road, I certainly wouldn’t have had it any other way. These boys make every single day an adventure in this house. I was scared to death when they started high school, worried about the choices they would have to make in the coming years, the friends they would choose, the path they would follow. Their dad and I could not be more proud of the friends they did choose and the choices they made.

They haven’t had it easy. They balance AP classes, after school activities and part time jobs and still manage to help me out with photo shoots, keep their dad happy with a clean house (we all know I couldn’t do that on my own!) and help keep their three little sisters entertained.

We anticipated this year being a little more stressful with a house that is absolutely as full as can be. And as many times as we have said, “When the boys are in college there will be a little more space…” we know two very big parts of our life will be missing. I am not sure their sisters understand what this means to them yet, and I know this change will be hard on them, too.

This is their last week of school before graduation ceremonies and parties start. As much as they pretend they aren’t, these boys are best friends. Nick will be going to Northern Arizona University in the fall while Paul will be attending UC Davis. I admire the courage they have to step out of their comfort zone and do this on their own. I am sure they will do nothing short of amazing and continue to grow into men their mom would be proud of.

Congratulations boys. Enjoy the next few weeks- you have earned it!

Your dad and I love you!

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