THANK YOU to all my 2015 families!

I photographed my last family of the year tonight. I walked away with a little sense of completion, like the last check off the list at the end of the year for me. Really, it seems kind of silly since it isn’t like I am taking time off or anything is changing, but the end of the year seems to mark an end to something. A good time to look back and reflect. A time to look forward and set new goals.

I started to pull pictures for this blog post, and as I went through them all I felt an overwhelming since of gratitude. It is so special to be able to watch your children grow, to feel like I am a part of memories that are going to be passed down for years. The love I have for you all is crazy. I know how lucky I am to do this job and I appreciate you all more than you know!

There are a lot of pictures in this post, but I just couldn’t narrow it down any more. I hope you enjoy looking back over the last year of Amy Salessi Photography sessions!¬†Thank YOU and Happy New Year!

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