The Bohlers!

I have known Dave & Jen for many years. Not only are they beautiful and the nicest couple you will ever meet, but they are also extremely talented. Their resume includes working on Extreme Makeover Home Edition and recently starting up their own construction business. Check out more of Dave’s recent work here. He is finishing up a remodel on my sister’s house this week, and I am dying to see the finished project!

Then there is little Jake. What a ridiculously adorable boy! He was so much fun to play with, laughing at me like I am the funniest girl in the universe. Which I am, but usually it takes a little longer for the kids to realize that. He was sold before I even shot the first picture.

Dave, Jen & Jake just welcomed baby Julianne into their family. I am so anxious to meet the newest addition! I am sure she will be just as amazing as the rest of this family.

Congratulations Bohlers- love you guys!


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