The in beTWEEN, and the reason you need to photograph your tweens today.

 As parents, the first few years of our children’s life are filled with milestone after milestone to capture….

first smile, first haircut, first step, first loose tooth.

We have picture after picture of all the firsts and looking back at them can automatically makes us remember.

We remember the endless sleepless nights, those first wobbly steps taken across the living room floor, planning the first birthday party and the excitement of picking out what they’ll wear on the first day of school.

But, soon the firsts end, and the days begin to blur together in a haze of activity. Dance lessons and baseball games. Homework and STAR testing. Field trips and summer vacations. Soon, we stop preparing for the beginnings and start anticipating the endings… the end of elementary school, the end of junior high, the end of high school….

But what comes in between the multitude of beginnings and those inevitable endings?

Let’s be honest here….we ALL remember the in between stage. And it’s filled with a whole lot of awkwardness… Braces, glasses, shy smiles…

Under all that awkwardness is so much BEAUTY, so much personality, waiting to come out.

These are the days…. the days that will shape our boys and girls into the men and women they will be. The days they will spend adjusting to a bigger school, getting used to new teachers, discovering their likes and dislikes, finding their core group of friends.


It is such a beautiful, brief period of time, and it’s often over looked as we race from one beginning to another ending….

Yet, it’s this in between stage that will ultimately shape and define our children, just as it did us.

Let’s not forget to stop and capture it.


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