My grandad moved from London, England to America when he was 29 years old. Nine years later, he married my Gram. He was a painter, and I can remember as a child thinking how cool it was when he would point out big buildings in Los Angeles and tell us he painted them.

My grandad passed away on February 15th, 2004. I wish he could have met our children. They would have loved him. He always had a  hot cup of tea ready, a pond full of frogs and a sparkle in his eyes.

Six years later on February 15th, our little Jordan was born.

This nephew of mine brought us so much joy on a typically sad day. For this years birthday session we paid tribute to my grandad, dressing Jordan in a British outfit and posing him on my grandad’s ladder (which has been around since before he married my gram in 1962!).

 There is no doubt that Jordan has many of the same qualities as my grandad. He is crazy sweet, full of love (especially for his Uncle Bob!) and just the funniest little guy around. We are always cracking up at something he has done. Seriously, my sister should write a book about the funny things  he has said.

Happy 3rd birthday Jordan! We love you so very much!!

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