It’s the eve of Maddie’s birthday. One more hour as a 3 year old, although she told me today that she has been 4 for 4 weeks already- duh mom. Guess that’s what happens when you celebrate early. Funny thing is, her expectations for her “real” birthday have been made quite clear to us all week: there better be balloons in her room when she wakes up, she gets to pick where we go for lunch, and mommy has to do a 4 year old photo shoot with her (all things she remembers from her sister’s birthday). We made it out today for just a few pictures before the yucky skies rolled in, and as I put this blog post together I went back to her baby pictures for just one to add. I got a little carried away looking through her old pictures, and 2 hours later I am finally ready (don’t judge my photography skills from way back then!)

She’s just so cute, what can I say?

Just a few days old here.

A little over one…




Oh, little Maddie Grace. Such a fun loving, happy spirit. Her smile makes me melt. I am so excited to watch her grow from the baby of the family into a big sister.

I love you, dimple face.

Happy Birthday.

love, mommy

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