Luke’s 2 year old session!

I got to see one of my favorite little guys for his 2 year pictures. Look how much Luke has grown! We played. A lot. Basically, I chased him all over hoping for one split second where he stayed still enough for just one picture. That’s about right for that age! Here are some fun ones from our afternoon together.

The balloons were a huge hit. Until he started losing them. The rest of the session he would stop every few minutes and point at the sky. When one got stuck in a tree it was all over. I jumped, howled, blew bubbles, but nothing I did was as interesting as staring up at the top of the tree where the green balloon was. It was hysterically funny until we really couldn’t get him to focus on us again. Poor guy was SUPER concerned about the balloon!

So we tried the bike instead- hehe.

Thanks for another fun session, Ann Marie & Daniel! I just adore your little man!!

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