The most important part of my job as a photographer, besides making my clients happy, is staying fresh. Nurturing my creative side. Always pushing myself beyond the comfort zone of my favorite locations and exploring places I don’t usually venture out to. To do this, I often will shoot just for me. Inspired by my …

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I shoot Abigail all the time, but this session in particular I adored. She looks so grown up! I love that I get to see her so much – she is such a special girl. Love you Abigail!

Halloween Mini Session info…and our own Halloween session!

It’s become a tradition to take a group Halloween picture of our three with my niece and nephews every Halloween. I have to say, wrangling this group when they aren’t covered in makeup that smears is hard enough.  Add that, the wind factor, the fact that we were coming off a lonnnng weekend and they …

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