Halloween Mini Session info…and our own Halloween session!

It’s become a tradition to take a group Halloween picture of our three with my niece and nephews every Halloween. I have to say, wrangling this group when they aren’t covered in makeup that smears is hard enough.  Add that, the wind factor, the fact that we were coming off a lonnnng weekend and they  were all starving…and I have to say it might have been the hardest yet. But these kids know how to work the camera, and I am glad we still got some fun pictures to keep this tradition alive. They enjoy it, and they are almost as excited as I am to see the finished pictures.

Our Superheroes.

Clark Kent, Superman, Captain America, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman & Bat Girl.

Fun fact: Jordan told me it was not right to shoot Superman and Clark Kent in the same picture because they are the same person. In fact, he said it would be like taking a picture of Jesus and God at the same time. He also thought it was inappropriate that his COUSIN was Wonder Woman- because that is Superman’s girlfriend. I love how his little mind works.


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Now for info on this year’s Halloween Mini Sessions for YOUR kids!

Please read ALL the way through the information before booking!

Cost: $125 for 10 minutes and 5 digitals (although I am known to throw in more if there are some really cute ones.All depends on what we can get in the short time we have!). You only need to book one spot for siblings but I do not allow cousins/friends to share a time for these. You may book back to back time slots if you want cousin pictures together, though!

Children MUST come in costume. No exceptions.

To book a mini session email amysalessi@gmail.com with the time of day you would like – MORNING or AFTERNOON on Sunday, October 26th.  I will email you back the time slots available and a link to pay to secure your time. Please be patient while I am responding to emails. PLEASE email me- when I get texts, facebook messages, comments on the blog/facebook/instagram and phone calls it can get really overwhelming. If I just have emails to respond to it is so much easier. I really appreciate your help with this!!

Due to the nature of these sessions I only allow babies that can sit on their own, held by a sibling or can be propped against a haystack.

Feel free to email with any questions. I can’t wait to see all the cute costumes this year!


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