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I swear my little girls seem so much older these last few weeks. I don’t know what it is or why it is all seems to be passing so fast, but I don’t like it. I just want to freeze them at this age.

(this is what happens when you yell “Go get dressed so we can go on a walk!” without any specifics as to what “getting dressed” means.)

The ride they wouldn’t even think about attempting a few months ago is suddenly the only thing they can talk about for days. And take note they are on it by themselves. I almost threw up waiting for them. If you turn the wheel it spins, but I didn’t tell them that or I really would have thrown up.

We went to the Oak Tree Festival with our friends Jamie & Carlos and their kiddos Domenic & Ava. The girls love hanging out with them.

An old high school friend, Whit, and  his band were performing.  It’s always great to say hi to an old friend, and even better when you have two cuties in tow to introduce- even if they were covered in stickiness and whining about which ride was next. Oh how our worlds change.

Instead of listening to them play from the back of a crowded bar as in years past, we watched from the grass while letting the kids run off the sudden burst of energy, most likely caused by too much cotton candy and ice cream.

Longer days make for an excuse to sleep in, have lazy afternoons, and finally leave the house in just enough time for the street fair.

They mean dragging your hubby out for a practice session a little later than you normally would, but you just gotta know if that dreamy light is at 6:15 or 6:30 now…

It’s actually closer to 6:45 right now, by the way. Oh and apparently Madison is outgrowing her pants. If I wasn’t so concerned about the time of day and took a better look before snapping this picture I could have fixed this on the spot. But it is just so Madison I had to keep it.

As if a carnival & street fair weren’t enough in one week, why not add in a day at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, just for fun.

The $15 admission is worth it alone just for the butterfly pavillion. Amazing.

Try explaining to two 4 year olds & a 3 year old what these two naughty butterflies were up to…

Jordan couldn’t decide what he thought of all the butterflies.

Sophia must have asked “Why won’t they land on me??” about a million times before this one finally did. And then it wouldn’t leave!

My mom seemed to have a friend for awhile, too.

Once we were done with the butterflies, these three led the way through the rest of the museum, and made sure we saw every.single.exhibit.

And in that bag Sophia is carrying? Oh yeah, just our own little butterfly garden thing. Looks like we will have 4 of our very own in just 6 short weeks. We are still debating on where they will “live”. She wants them inside, my vote is on the patio. Stay tuned.

I wish I could tell you today tired them out so much that they came home, ate a quiet dinner and went straight to bed, allowing me time to finally catch up. Instead, they decided to “surprise” me by coloring their noses.

What else could I do?

And I wish I could tell you that this picture was taken tonight.

Sadly, it wasn’t. One down, one still up watching the American Idol finale with us.

And on that note, I will wrap this up. Hope you all have a great end of the week and wonderful holiday weekend. Stay safe.


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