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I tend to shoot in the same spots. I get familiar with an area and “find the light”, making my sessions quick and consistent- go in, pose them in “the spot” and get it done. I love it when I find a new place, but it can be stressful shooting somewhere you aren’t familiar with and hoping for the best.  So I stick to what I know. But, lately the creative side of me has been begging for something new. So I have been forcing myself to find new spots, or to keep walking down the trail of an old spot, hiking deeper into the fields, letting go of the anxiety of “ohmigosh should I be using spot metering or evaluative here??” and just shooting.

Because when you are too caught up in the technicalities of it all you miss moments like these.

And for a split second I panicked, realizing I was shooting too wide open to get them both in focus. I reminded myself to just shoot. Don’t sweat the little things. And after uploading the picture to my computer and taking another look, it quickly became one of my favorites.

This family was a ton of fun. Ava & Nathan were so full of energy, which I think might have worried their mom at first, but these are the kind of shoots I enjoy the most.

There was a lot of laughter at this shoot. I love that!

Vazquez family, it was a pleasure! I can’t wait to see you all again!


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