baby Drew

Tim & Michelle were meant to be parents. As I listened to them talk about how excited they were to meet baby Drew, I couldn’t help but get excited, too. It was contagious. They were bursting with happiness, and I could feel just how much they cherished this little gift from God, this miracle they had been praying for.

There is nothing I cherish more than the pictures of the girls when they were first born. I look at them over and over, remembering every little moment, their first cries, how their eyes barely opened, met mine, and my heart burst, realizing I was a mom. This baby was ours. Forever.

Since Drew was sitting breech, Michelle was scheduled for a c-section. I suggested that she have me come to the hospital the next day to get some fresh pictures of him, and she immediately said she would love that.

I am so glad we did. Getting to love on a one day old baby has to be THE best part of my job.

Welcome to the world, Drew. Sometimes I feel like this, too!

That dimple!

Tim & Michelle, congratulations again. I couldn’t be happier for the two of you!

This right here might be my favorite picture. Michelle, you were born for this role!



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