This session was completed months ago, but I had to patiently wait until after cards went out to show you all. So glad I finally can! These boys have killer style, and they always rock their sessions, but this one in particular has to be one of my all time favorites. I love these boys!!

RA6A2865-Edit RA6A2803-Edit RA6A2781-Edit RA6A2751-Edit RA6A2735-Edit RA6A2577-Edit RA6A2612-Edit-2 RA6A2946-Edit RA6A2715-Edit-2 RA6A2794-Edit RA6A2732-Edit-2 RA6A2774-Edit RA6A2740-Edit RA6A2992-Edit RA6A2999-Edit copy RA6A2979

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