In a New York Minute

Bob & I have wanted to visit New York for years now. The right time for such a big trip didn’t seem to come along until this year. One of my favorite photographers advertised mini sessions for fall photos in Manhattan, and I was lucky enough to get one. So we did something we never do and took a week out of what is typically the busiest time of year for us to slow down and enjoy some family time.


Except slowing down isn’t really what happens in the city. A lesson learned the first time we ventured underground for a quick ride on the subway.

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We needed to take it all in, to do as much as we could in the short time that we had there. We packed a ton into the week and easily could have filled up another if we were able to.

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New Yorkers are good people. The man that went out of his way to make sure we knew how to get from Midtown to the Financial District on the subway, the lady walking next to us on the street that upon seeing the lost look in our eyes and hearing our kids whine for food the first night we were there, stopped and pointed out a good restaurant down the street, and the gentleman that stopped to turn around and apologize for running into Hannah in the hustle and bustle of the 5 o’clock crowd downtown. Not only were we in a city that wasn’t familiar to us, but we had three kids in tow. We were greeted with kind hellos and understanding smiles, and for that we were grateful.


Ok, so there were a few that hated me and my camera but documenting my girl’s excitement trumped the embarrassment.

Did I mention how beautiful this city is?

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We got to see the tree go in to Rockafeller Center. I would love to go back at Christmas and see it decorated one year!RA6A7995-Edit

Hannah’s favorite view at the end of the day was from Dad’s arms.

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Central Park in the fall. Officially checked off my Bucket List.

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Oh, New York. You have my heart.

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