The Bui Family

There is nothing more nerve wracking than taking pictures of another photographer, especially when they are as awesome as Huey Bui. I have second shot a few weddings with Huey, and he is not only crazy good at what he does but has fun while doing it. He never seems to stress out. His clients love him for the fantastic pictures they are left with, but also because he knows how to have a good time with them. If you are getting married next year go check out his work. He’s rad.

I wanted to make sure to get plenty of shots that captured that part of Huey- his fun, laid back personality- with his wife, Mezzi & daughters Oli & Eli.  They are not only gorgeous, but the perfect family to let my candid photo journalistic style just kind of take over. So we just kind of went with it. And I love them.

Huey & Mezzi, thank you! Such a pleasure to take these for you. Enjoy these rare pictures of you on the other side of the lens!

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