The Lindemann Family

This session almost didn’t happen. First, the rain made us have to reschedule, than the morning of the session it was actually drizzling on and off. But the dreary, rainy skies let up just a bit and with that came a burst of beautiful color.

We started with these two. Laura & Alex- such a fun couple. Alex, you were a trooper, putting up with all my ordering you around for that long. I think it was worth it for these shots!

The rest of the family joined us later. You will recognize a few of these faces. Cali & Cooper are one of my most frequent clients, who I just adore. Cali seems to have a lot more fun at her sessions when her aunties are around. I just might have to request they tag along to every one of her shoots!

Congratulations to Leslie & Steve (owner of Linco framing in San Dimas), who recently celebrated their 25th anniversary!

What a beautiful family they have!

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