Apr 01, 2015

The most important part of my job as a photographer, besides making my clients happy, is staying fresh. Nurturing my creative side. Always pushing myself beyond the comfort zone of my favorite locations and exploring places I don't usually venture out to. To do this, I often will shoot just for me. Inspired by my new logo (thank you, Becky!), I decided it was time for a "me" shoot and asked my friend Christi to bring along her super adorable little guy, Rhys. Because two heads of curls is way more fun than one.  The kids had a great time painting and I satisfied my creative side. For now, at least.

RA6A1331-Edit RA6A1394-Edit RA6A1294-Edit RA6A1336-Edit RA6A1307-Edit RA6A1348-Edit RA6A1323-Edit RA6A1357-Edit RA6A1422-Edit RA6A1393-Edit