a story about peas

What’s for dinner mom? Peas? hmmm… Ok, well you know I will try anything once. I got this, mom. Ahh!!! Wash it down, wash it down!! Spit out whatever is left in there! For reals, mom? You LIKE these? Sure. Maybe if I smile she won’t make me finish them.  


I haven’t quite finished up this session yet, but I am so in love with this little precious baby’s pictures that I just have to share a few. Her grandma is very special to me- I have known her for a long time and always knew she would make a wonderful grandmother. Simply a beautiful …

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It’s been almost a month since my last blog. I realized that as I was pulling pictures for this post. Normally I would be disappointed that I let it go that long, but with everything that has happened in this month I am going to give myself a free pass this time. Here is a …

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