I love birthdays. In the days before kids, I used to start counting down to my own birthday the first day of April (which happens to also be my dad’s birthday).  Now that our family has grown so much, it seems as if we are always celebrating someone’s birthday. And the kids birthdays seem to last for a few weeks around here. So I don’t think I really started thinking about my own birthday until a few days before when I had to decide what I wanted for my family birthday dinner (which was tacos, of course). I told Bob all I wanted for my birthday was to relax, take a day off and sit around. Ok, so we didn’t exactly sit around much, but the last few days have been just what I needed.

We started the weekend at Mindy’s house for sweet little Haylie’s birthday. I love how happy it makes the girls to see their friends, and I love listening to them discuss every detail of it for hours after.

Four tattoos, 2 painted faces, 2 cupcakes & several glasses of strawberry lemonade later we headed home for my family party.

We arrived home to a spotless house with candles lit (birthday HEAVEN for me!), tacos cooking and La Tolteca chips & salsa. Oh and decorations, complete with princess balloons the girls picked out. I was showing my mom something on the computer when my dad asked me for a drink. I turned around and my Uncle Ty and Uncle Otto were chillin’ on my couch- they had driven all the way in from Arizona to surprise me (after months of me harassing them for not visiting).

The girls were smitten with their great uncles.

I love birthday surprises.

My family all pitched in and got me this. I am ecstatic!

In addition to her famous cake pops, my mom can now make the most delish cheesecake ball. Divine.

I was spoiled today, too. Lunch with some of my favorite people.


Domenic picked these out special for me! Love this kid.

mmm more chips & salsa. I am going to have to do plyometrics twice this week to make up for all this.

A last minute park trip with Maddie while we kill time waiting for Sophia to get out of preschool this morning.

A long overdue car wash. I am a much happier driver when my car is clean. It’s the little things.

Sophia’s preschool sing-a-long was this morning, too. Love how she twirls her hair when she is nervous.

Nick & Paul went out and got me flowers after school today. How sweet is that?

Wrapped up the day with a long nap with my girls. Life is good.

I was completely spoiled on my birthday. I am ok with that- every mama needs to have one day (or 3!) be all about her, right?

Now it’s back to work. Six photo sessions between now and the end of next week! I will be a busy lady. Keep checking back for some fun session sneak peeks- including my recent Disneyland session, a Girl Scout troop & a fun family session!


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